About Donna

Donna Owens is a Spiritual Lightworker, Writer, Creator and a Voice for Mother Mary's Light.

My soul yearns to be free, to be creative and expressive, to live according to my soul values (Freedom Spirituality, Passion,Creativity and Simplicityand my soul purpose. Ill-Health was my sign from my soul that I wasn't meant to fit in in the rest of the world but instead to honour my Feminine in all her beauty and to help raise and restore the Divine Feminine Energy to others and the world.​​


My Purpose

My mission is to help raise the balance of Divine Feminine Living in a Masculine world. 
For those who feel exhausted by the modern way of living, for those who feel alone and different.
For the free spirits, the empaths, the creatives, the light workers of the world,
it is safe to ignite your light, embrace and live in your Divine Feminine power


©2020 by Donna Owens.