About Donna

Donna Owens is a Spiritual Lightworker, Writer, Creator and a Voice for Mother Mary's Light.

My soul yearns to be free, to be creative and expressive, to live according to my soul values (Freedom Spirituality, Passion,Creativity and Simplicityand my soul purpose. Ill-Health was my sign from my soul that I wasn't meant to fit in in the rest of the world but instead to honour my Feminine in all her beauty and to help raise and restore the Divine Feminine Energy to others and the world.​​


✨Who am I? What do I do?✨

“So, what do you do?” the question which used to trigger me when people asked me for I never knew what to say and if I did they would give me a puzzled “is that a real job?” Look. 🤍


I’m not a teacher, a healer, a mentor or a coach but yet I’m all those things as I’m a writer, a creator, a messenger of Divine Feminine Living and I know my words have the power to teach, heal and change peoples lives.

💛I am a light worker with an important mission on Earth. I don’t “work” but I create & serve humanity. My spiritual guides are my “bosses” and with their guidance I simply share the wisdom and message to the world to help raise the collective consciousness about the imbalance of the way we live. 🤍

I share tools and practices to guide those awakening hearts to reconnect to their feminine light for a new way of living. A life of peace & joy.


💛My message is simple:

We have been living in a toxic unbalanced Masculine way for too long that we have seen alarming rate of suffering from ill and mental health issues, burnouts, greed and separation. 🤍

2020 is the awakening of the Divine Feminine Living. The old ways of how we lived are falling and our souls are calling for more balanced peaceful way of life. The Divine Feminine aspects are what is needed to restore balance in our lives and the world.


💛For the Divine Feminine way to rise each awakening soul has to reconnect, cleanse and open their Feminine light of their heart. Release old ways of living, false beliefs and old patterns and step into the light of peace, joy, compassion and unity 🤍


My mission is simple: speak up with love and those who are ready will listen.


Light & blessings 

Donna x

My Purpose

My mission is to help raise the balance of Divine Feminine Living in a Masculine world. 
For those who feel exhausted by the modern way of living, for those who feel alone and different.
For the free spirits, the empaths, the creatives, the light workers of the world,
it is safe to ignite your light, embrace and live in your Divine Feminine power

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