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Donna is a well-being teacher & author, modern mystic, a creative free-spirit with a warrior soul who is passionate about helping others connect with their soul.

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My Story

I have always been passionate about wellbeing and following your passions since a teenager after being diagnosed with CFS/M.E. at just 14 years old. I had to quit school and I was told by doctors that I would never get better and by the school that I would never achieve anything or have a job. I never took their opinions to heart as I knew back then that I was a creative free spirit, I didn't want to get a normal job I wanted to do what I loved to do and at the time that was make-up. I followed my heart and my passion and despite my health challenges I became a successful makeup artist for over a decade before once again following my heart and I changed my career to become a Yoga Therapist in 2014. 

In 2016 I was knocked down with a CFS/M.E. Relapse which left me housebound for most of the year, however the warrior spirit within me, wasn't going to give up. I began to write my first book Yoga, My Bed & M.E. and it started my love affair with writing books to inspire others on their own wellbeing journey.

Over the following years I trained in Sound Healing, Chakra Healing, Spiritual Wellbeing, Mindfulness and Journal Therapy and wrote more books including Awaken your Divine Goddess and created journals. 


Along my deep self-healing journey I discovered my CFS/M.E was rooted in childhood trauma and where I was never felt seen, heard, safe or loved for most of my childhood-and where my nervous system was constantly switched on from the age of 4 until my system crashed at 12 years old. It it why mindful practices helped me so much as they help soothe, calm and heal the nervous system and why I am love the emotion/body connection so much because our body always responds to our emotions.

Wellbeing to me isn't just about health, it is about peace and joy in all areas of your life. It is self-connection, self-care and self-love. It is listening to your body and soul and taking inspired action on her callings. It is about going within to heal, to release, to grow, to discover who you are at soul level and to follow what will give you a sense of peace and joy in your own life.

And that is where I am today a wellbeing teacher and author inspiring you to connect to your voice of your soul for your own wellbeing. I know it is all about tuning within and opening your mind and heart to curiosity, clarity and taking inspired action on your soul needs. I am currently writing my 12th book Your soul is calling...and designing my first journaling card deck.

I hope my words, books and Mindful well-being sessions can inspire and guide you within the wisdom of your own soul for a life of well-being, peace and joy

Donna x

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