Donna Owens is a Divine Feminine Teacher & a Blue Ray Priestess of the Temple of the Blue Rose. 

" Most of my life I suppressed my Feminine gifts, spiritual beliefs and my personal values to fit into the Masculine Energy of the world- It made me ill. As a child I had always felt different and alone, I always had a longing to go back "home" but didn't know where "home" was, a natural empath I was sensitive to energy, noise and people since a young age. Looking at how adults around me lived their life (wake, work, sleep-repeat, marry, kids, retire) and them telling me that this was it, this is what life was, I didn't believe it, I had a deep inner knowing that life wasn't meant to be hard, or stressful or feel caged and instead it was meant to be something more, brighter, happier and more meaningful. 

I never liked to be told how I should live my life and my soul always felt trapped by the modern fast pace world. 

My soul yearns to be free, to be creative and expressive, to live according to my values and purpose. Ill-Health was my sign from my soul that I wasn't meant to fit in in the rest of the world but instead to honour my Feminine in all her beauty, find my true self in a deep spiritual journey and to help raise and restore the Divine Feminine Energy to others and the world."

As a Priestess of the Temple of the Blue Rose; Donna mainly works with the Divine Feminine energies of Mother Mary and Shekinah and balances the Feminine with the Masculine energies of Archangel Michael, Archangel, Raphael and Gabriel (also sometimes female energy) and violet Flame.

As a Blue Ray Being, a collective tribe of light workers who are on this Earth assisting the balance of the Masculine and Feminine energies of the world, Donna is called to spread love, light and wisdom to help awaken and balance your divine feminine power to bring love, light and harmony into your life and indeed the world. 

Love and Light 

Donna xx

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