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Welcome Goddess,

You aren’t meant to live in the shadows but to instead shine in your life as brightly as your smile. 


It’s your time to step out and be seen.

To begin to:

- Reconnect, nurture and activate the light of your Feminine heart.

- Have clarity and confidence to take action for a life of peace, passion and well being.


Are you ready? Let's awaken the Goddess you're meant to be.


Donna X

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Awaken your Divine Goddess will begin to take you through the 3 steps of Reconnecting, Nurturing and Activating your inner Divine Goddess.

You will be guided to:

  • Reconnect to your Feminine heart.

  • Begin to listen, trust and follow your inner Goddess guidance.

  • Be taken through Nurturing your Goddess heart for self care and self love .

  • Discover your Soul Truths and Values so you can live in alignment with the Goddess that you are.

  • Bring back joy and passion into your daily Goddess life.

What you receive:

  • This is a self led online space which contains Audios, Meditations,14 day Challenges and Workbooks on each step to listen, download and complete in your own time.  For FULL Course content Download here

  • 6 months access to the content and support.

  • Access to 1-1 chat support anytime you need inspiration, support or motivation along your journey of awakening your inner Goddess. 

To awaken and nurture your Divine Goddess is to embrace all of the Divine Feminine aspects into your life so that you can begin to live life that is aligned to your soul values, your passions, your energy and your needs.


To awaken your Divine Goddess means to say YES! to you- fully!

To embrace everything that you are.

Why I created 3 steps to Awaken your Divine Goddess.

Just like you, I am on a spiritual, healing and self discovery journey and have been most of my life. I wanted to share with you how I awoke my own inner Goddess and live the Divine Feminine way by following these 3 steps; Reconnect, Nurture and Activate, by following these steps I can live my life according to my energy, my soul truths and honour my mind, body and spirit.

I want to see you shine too, follow your truth and to live a life of joy, I also want to support you and motivate you like Goddess sisters should because I know how lonely the journey can be.

This course is a SPACE for you, it isn't to teach you but rather to inspire, motivate and cheer you on as you begin to awaken your own Divine Goddess, it is about connection, sisterhood and support and we all need a supportive sister to hold space for you, to cheer you on and tell you you can! that's me!

Because I give my energy and time to the Goddess Sisters taking the Goddess journey, please note spaces are limited so that I can give them my full love and support.

3 steps to Awaken your Divine Goddess  is just the beginning of your journey….I can’t wait to see what magic you will create in your life.

Join us today, Goddess

Please allow 6-12 hours from purchase to be able to gain access as all members are personally approved

Proof of purchase may be asked for if email address is different from PayPal details.


How do I get access to the content? 

Once you have purchased, you must sign up and make an account on this website where you will be added to the Divine Goddess members area where you can view all the audios, workbooks and access to chat support.


What is included in the content?

For a full run down of all the content in the 3 Steps to Awaken your Divine Goddess download the Course content list HERE 

Is there a time limit to complete the content?

There is no time limit but you do have 6 months access to the content and chat support, we are all on our own journey and one that can't be rushed, it is a self led space that you can do in your own time but we often need a time frame for which to hold ourselves accountable for change which is why the cost covers 6 months of support. 

(please note: if you choose the monthly payment option and any payments are missed you will be removed from the members area and access to the content)

What is included in the price? 

You get 6 months access to all the audios, meditations and workbooks, plus 1-1 support from Donna via chat whenever you need to be inspired, motivated or supported along your journey, you will also get access to any bonus workshops Donna runs throughout the year.

Donna guided me to pursue my passion, she motivated me to be the Goddess I wanted to be, to stand in my power and align to my inner guidance and go for it. 


This course reconnected me to the suppressed joy within, joy that was lost as I grew up that I didn't know I needed back in my adult life, something so simple- yet powerful


This course helped give me the start I needed to begin my journey to honouring my feminine. It gave me time to connect to myself, to ask who I really am and what I really wanted in my life.


Such a simple but powerful course which helped me discover my soul values to life and Donna is always on hand to inspire me


Take a Look Inside

Activate your Feminine heart and Embrace your Divine Inner Goddess....

Goddess, it is time :
​For you to reconnect to your Feminine Heart, 
​To live from the wisdom of your heart, by your soul truths and passions, 
​To reclaim your light, joy and happiness in your life - 
​to Free your spirit from what is weighing it down
​To unleash your inner Goddess.

It is time to honour:
​Your feelings,
​Your energy, 
​Your needs
​Your dreams.
​Your well-being.

For anyone beginning their Divine Feminine journey 

this simple space will help you take your first step.


Living with CFS (like Donna) and seeing how she shines despite her health gave me enough inspiration and motivation to honour my own body and energy to learn to shine in my own life.


I have done the Reconnect 14 day challenge 5 times, it is bringing me home to myself, learning to listen to my heart and my needs and honouring them.


Donna has inspired me with her light and energy for years, from her CFS/M.E. yoga and life story to now, she brings out my faith I can also shine in my life.


Join us today, Goddess

Please allow 6-12 hours from purchase to be able to gain access as all members are personally approved

Proof of purchase may be asked for if email address is different from PayPal details.

This content is intended for individual use only.

No content may be copied or used without written consent from Donna.

Any mis-use or abusive behaviour will see you banned from the website. 

Signing up to this course means you agree that you are taking responsibility for your own journey, healing and life choices and that this course is a guide only to hold space for you. The results you achieve is based solely on your own willingness to put this information into practice.

No Refunds will be issued due to the nature of the content of the course.