How do you want to Feel today Goddess?


Each morning do you stress about everything you have to do, then feel overwhelmed, under excited and deflated which then makes your day feel overwhelming, under exciting and deflated?


Goddess it is time to re focus.


This journal is your new daily morning practice where you can journal and plan your day according to how you wish to feel rather than what you should do and to set the intention and vibration to hold that feeling in everything you do throughout your day.


How you start your day and what you think and feel sets the tone for your whole day. 


I journal in the morning with my first cup of coffee in silence before I do anything else, I used to journal all my thoughts, fears and worries about the day ahead or what was playing on my mind to “Release” them which It does but I found my days still seemed flat and somehow empty, so I decided to instead of mind dump everything in my morning journal I started to write how I wanted to feel that day and and put practices in my daily to do list which aligned to that vibration for that day and I began to notice the shift of energy within me, the smile on my face, my days seemed a bit brighter, all my tasks didn’t seem a chore. I was less stressed, more productive and more at ease with my journey.

I created this journal just for you so that you too can specifically focus on how you want to feel.

I hope this journal and the daily messages that you will find on each page will help you and inspire you to focus on how you wish to feel each day by connecting to the light of your Feminine heart. 

Those outside the  UK and Amazon Com and wishing to purchase a copy please drop me a Chat message below :) 

"Beautiful book, I journal a lot and this book is a magical book. Each day is a sentence that helps your words come out - Thank you." Ali