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Activate your Feminine heart and Embrace your Inner Goddess....

Goddess, it is time :
​For you to reconnect to your Feminine Heart, 
​To live from the wisdom of your heart, by your soul truths and passions, 
​To reclaim your light, joy and happiness in your life - 
​to Free your spirit from what is weighing it down
​To unleash your inner Goddess.

It is time to honour:
​Your feelings,
​Your energy, 
​Your needs
​Your dreams.
​Your well-being. 

Donna xx


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It's time to awaken and embrace your Divine Goddess...

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About Donna

"I shine when I can inspire, guide and most importantly motivate other sisters to go forth and shine in their life! So unleash your passionate inner goddess, sister. it's your time."

Hey I'm Donna, a Writer, Motivational & Spiritual Mentor, a free-spirit, a crazy cat lady and I'm so excited to inspire you to shine your beautiful Goddess light into the world. 
​I am here to awaken, activate and encourage you to follow the nudges of your soul, to do more of what makes you happy and to be guided by your heart. 
​Think of me as your spiritual soul sister and your supportive cheerleader encouraging you to go for it! (whatever "it" is for you) and celebrating each win with you (i'll bring the bottle!). 
​I want every woman to live and feel like a Goddess doing what she loves to do, living with joy, passion, purpose and shining with happiness. 

Donna values peace, freedom, passion and creativity in life and as a spiritual guide she helps others reconnect to their own Feminine heart and their soul values so they to can embrace their Divine Feminine heart and embrace their inner goddess.

Donna shares her Feminine wisdom and her spiritual practices in her Monthly circles.

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Are you ready to be
your own Heroine?