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The 3 Steps to Awaken your Divine Goddess.


To awaken the Goddess that is within you, to heal and nurture the broken pieces of your soul and to activate the light of passion it all begins with reconnecting to your heart. It is the first step in which two other important aspects grow from; nurture and activate.Without reconnection you will find the other two aspects more challenging, because you won’t be coming from the place of your heart- your inner wisdom and knowing.

The Goddess learns to listen, trust and follow the wisdom of her heart in her life.


Nurturing is all about honouring your needs and energy, it is healing and holding compassion for yourself,

It is self care, self love and self trust. All important aspects the Goddess honours and embraces as without these she can feel deflated, lost, burnt out and hurt in life. It is the space where you can cleanse your heart from the past and begin to believe in yourself, take care of yourself and trust in yourself. It is where the Goddess honours and looks after her body, mind and heart.

Though it isn’t a quick and easy step, it is where the Goddess rises from.


Once the Goddess has connected to and trusts her heart, when her heart is cleansed from the heaviness and nurtured by self love and self care then the light of her heart can be activated, here she shines and radiates in her life. she learns to live her life from a place of passion and joy. She follows what lights her up and makes her heart sing, she releases what drains her and what doesn’t align to her soul truths. She finds fun and magic in each and every day.

She has Awoken, nurtured and activated her Divine Goddess.

Are you ready to Awaken your Goddess?