In a Lavender Field

6 Week Masterclass Introduction to Divine Feminine

Does your spirit feel caged and exhausted by the Masculine way of living?

The way of life you were brought up to believe was healthy and normal for a life of happiness?

but you’re not happy for your spirit craves peace and freedom.


Throughout life have you been brought up to:

  • Work hard and long for success and happiness

  • Push, strive and struggle as it is worth it

  • To toughen up

  • To not be lazy or weak

  • To fight for what you want

  • To get a real job

  • To live from your mind and avoid your heart yearnings

The Masculine way of living has dominated our world for so long that it has become unbalanced and harmful to our wellbeing. We have seen an alarming rise of chronic fatigue, stress and mental health issues over the last 10 years because we can’t keep up with the demands of this Masculine way of life.

  • Constantly doing, being productive 24/7

  • Suppressing our truth and emotions to stay strong

  • To always be online and available to everyone

  • To always be perfect, have it all and have it all together

  • To put others and work before your wellbeing

Simply put your spirit is caged, exhausted and yearning for you to call home the lost Divine Feminine aspects into your life. Your spirit needs balance, it needs to work in harmony alongside healthy Masculine aspects so that you can thrive, be happy and shine in your own way in life.

We aren’t all meant to fit into a one box way of living which the world has been trying to force us into for so long.

We aren’t all meant to follow the crowd or follow the so called “rules” of life.

For the free spirits this system of Masculine living deflates your soul, you feel caged in life, misunderstood, been called the weird one and can even suffer from physical and emotional health.

For those who are exhausted trying to strive, push and struggle through the demands of world.

For those who’s spirit yearns to be free, to be creative and to shine you are not alone. 

It is time to call home the Divine Feminine aspects into your life. 

Divine feminine living means to:

  • Balance doing with being to avoid exhaustion & overwhelm

  • Listen, trust and follow your intuition

  • Speak your soul truth with kindness

  • Have compassion for your body, mind and spirit

  • Engage in more of what lights your soul up in your life

  • Learn to live in the natural flow of life.

Who Divine Feminine Living is for:

  • The creatives

  • The Free spirits

  • The Empaths

  • The light workers

You need Divine Feminine Living if:

  • You feel exhausted in life

  • You feel caged by society’s demands

  • You feel like you don’t fit into the “normal” way of living

  • You feel deflated in life

  • You feel alone and misunderstood in life

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Introduction to Divine Feminine Living is your first step into discovering and embracing the lost Feminine aspects of living.

Aspects of Being, Intuition, Truth, Compassion, Joy and Flow.


A full 30 page Digital Masterclass and a 6 week programme inviting you to begin to bring these aspects into your daily life.

In this Masterclass you will:

  • Discover what Divine Feminine Living is

  • How to begin to live the Divine Feminine way

  • Be Introduced to 6 Divine Feminine aspects

  • Begin to incorporate these aspects in a 6 week programme with meditations, journal prompts and practices.

A masterclass and programme you can:

  • Do in your own time

  • Return to as often as you need

  • Keep as your guide and connection to your soul.

Divine Feminine Living is a spiritual journey of which you are bringing back balance in the way you live for peace, happiness and wellness. It is a journey of healing, growing and glowing to free your spirit, your gifts and your light into the world. 

This programme will:

  • Allow your spirit to feel free

  • Help you find your soul truths 

  • Bring wellbeing back into your daily life

  • Unlock the exhaustion that is weighing you down

  • Raise your energy and vibrations to joy.


Are you ready to call home the lost Divine Feminine aspects back into your life and heart? 

The world now is creating space for you to rediscover your peace, your truth and your joy.


It is now your time to reconnect to your spirit and free yourself to create a life of peace, balance and joy. 

Your spirit deserves to be free, you deserve to be happy and this begins by calling home the Divine Feminine Aspects to free your spirit.

Peace, joy and wellness is just a click away. 


Donna x


This programme helped me reconnect to the suppressed joy within, joy that was lost as I grew up that I didn't know I needed back in my adult life to feel happy again. something so simple -yet powerful 



This Masterclass helped give me the start I needed to begin my journey to honouring my feminine, it gave me time to connect to myself to start asking myself who I am and what I really want in my life.



Introduction to 

Divine Feminine Living

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