You are Invited to the

Sacred Light Sisterhood


Your Inner Light Awaits you.

"Divine Feminine Living is learning to reconnect to your Feminine heart for a life of peace & joy."



-Monthly Oracle Reading.

-Monthly Full Moon Video Ritual.

-Light Language Healing Video

-Regular Divine Feminine Online Workshops & Meditations.

- Sisterhood chat & support

Time to Live from the Light of Your Heart.

The world right now is full of control, power, over working, greed, ill health and mental health because our souls aren't meant to live in the unbalanced Masculine ways of living. Our souls have been crying out for a new way of living, our hearts are calling out to the Divine Feminine ways to restore balance on how we live our life. The values of being, connection, peace, joy and compassion. The ways of living which have been lost for so long, the ways of living we need to bring back for the wellbeing of not only ourselves but that of our children and the Earth. 

How do we bring these ways into our daily living?

By reconnecting to our Feminine heart to ignite the light of peace & joy within us.

Helping you bring the Light of the Divine Feminine into your heart and into your life



The Sisterhood is a monthly membership to help bring the essence of the Divine Feminine into your life. Each month sees new mini workshops/programmes to join in such as;

-4 weeks to awaken your Divine Feminine

-Discover your Soul Values

-Begin to Connect to your Feminine Heart space  

-Chakra Workshops


-A monthly oracle reading

-A monthly Full Moon Light Language /meditation to heal, release emotions and cleanse your Feminine heart and Divine Light

- Sisterhood Chat & Support

plus more exciting content for 2021! (including a monthly podcast!)

Helping you to take steps each month to Discover, Embrace and Apply Divine Feminine Living into your life for balance, peace and joy. 


2020 has shown us how the world is changing, we have been shown glimpses of a new way of living, we were forced to slow down, step out of the fast paced way of living and breathe, was the fast way of living in the world before 2020 exhausting you? 2020 is the start of NEW EARTH, where the old ways of living are crumbling so that we can begin to bring in the aspects of Divine Feminine, Heal Wounded Masculine ways of living and start to live in a more harmonious way of balance and peace.

The Sacred Light Sisterhood is your invitation to bring the aspects of the Divine Feminine Living into your life, to step out of the old ways which have impacted your health and wellbeing and step into a new way of living, to leave the old ways of striving, pushing and constantly doing in your daily life and replace them with more being, more joy and more flow for better physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. 

It is time to:

-Rebuild a balanced way of living.

-Time to take steps for your health and wellbeing

-Time to step away from low energies and vibrate higher

-Time for harmony, joy and community 

-Time for a fresh beginning 

-Time to embrace your Divine Feminine 


My mission is to help raise the balance of Divine Feminine Living in a Masculine world. 
For those who feel exhausted by the modern way of living, for those who feel alone and different.
For the free spirits, the empaths, the creatives, the light workers of the world,
it is safe to ignite your light, embrace and live in your Divine Feminine power

Sacred Light Sisterhood

"Open your heart like a rose to the sun, open the petals of your heart Light Sister, bloom and bask in your beautiful light."

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