You are Invited to the

Sacred Light Sisterhood


Light Sister, you are invited to come back to the light within your heart.

Your Inner Light Awaits you.

The Masculine ways of living is exhausting you, you feel trapped, alone, living with anxiety and fear. Living the Masculine values don't resonate with you, you feel there should be a better, gentler way to live your life.

"Divine Feminine Living is learning to reconnect to your Feminine heart for a life of peace & joy."


Will you answer the call of the light of your heart to:

-Reconnect to your Divine Feminine heart?

-Ignite the light of your divine core being?

-Live by your true soul values?

-Embrace the comfort & guidance of the Divine Feminine Ascended Masters?

-Clear and activate your light within? 

Sacred Light Sisterhood

A sacred online space for Light Sisters to connect to the light within their hearts, connect to the Divine Feminine Energies of love, light and peace and more importantly to each other.

For the free spirits, the creatives, the passionates, the light workers, the empaths, the healers, the star seeds and those on their spiritual journey, your heart is calling you to connect back to the light within, to embrace your Divine Femininity and soul values and to bring these into the world for peace & joy.

"When one Light Sister shines bright she shines the way for others to do the same. Together we can shine a new, more balanced and peaceful way of living in the world."

Light sister is this you?


Time to Live from the Light of Your Heart.

The world right now is full of control, power, over working, greed, ill health and mental health because our souls aren't meant to live in the unbalanced Masculine ways of living. Our souls have been crying out for a new way of living, our hearts are calling out to the Divine Feminine ways to restore balance on how we live our life. The values of being, connection, peace, joy and compassion. The ways of living which have been lost for so long, the ways of living we need to bring back for the wellbeing of not only ourselves but that of our children and the Earth. 

How do we bring these ways into our daily living?

By reconnecting to our Feminine heart to ignite the light of peace & joy within us.

"Sacred Light Sisterhood is the online space for you to reconnect, cleanse and activate your Feminine heart to live the Divine Feminine way."


Online space for Connecting, Cleansing and Activating the Light of your Heart.

-Meet & connect with your spiritual Support: (Meet the Divine Feminines waiting to help comfort, guide and protect you along your journey)

-Connect to your Heart: (Meditations and guidance on how to connect to your heart space to hear your soul)

Cleanse your Heart: (A space to cleanse, find compassion, comfort and self care as you heal)

Activate your Heart; (Receive Light Language Activation Healing for your Chakras, Energy Field and Spiritual DNA)


-Divine Feminine Living; (Live in Joy and begin to add passion, joy and creativity into your life).

Sacred Light Sisterhood

It is time now to bring the light of the Divine Feminine back into your heart, your life and into the world.

Sacred Light Sisterhood is focused on Connecting, Cleansing, Opening & Activating the light within your Heart for a Divine Feminine way of Living.

In this BRAND NEW community you will be able to access;

- Light Language Healing & Activation Videos  

- Join in online workshops & Live streams.

- Chat with other Light Sisters

- Monthly Oracle Guidance

- New content added regularly


Everything you need to bring the Light of the Divine Feminine into your heart and into your life

We open the Sisterhood which includes:

-Monthly Oracle guidance for August.

- Are you letting your Masculine lead? Workshop

-Full Moon Release Workshop

-Discover your Soul Values Workshop (Are you living by your true values?)

-7 Days Reset Programme (Heart space activation programme) 

-An Introduction workshop to Mother Mary (The Ascend Master Mary has a message to share with you)

-Unlock your Heart Light Language Video.

-Heart Clearing Light Energy video

-Root Chakra Grounding Energy Video

-Calm mind meditation Video.

Will you answer the call of the light of your heart?

Sacred Light Sisterhood

Living from the light of your heart brings peace, clarity and joy into your life, in order for the light of your heart to shine you need connect to your heart space, cleanse your heart space and finally open your heart space to let the light and love flow from your Heart. It's time to bloom light sister, your light is too precious and important to hide any longer. You are made to shine.

"Open your heart like a rose to the sun, open the petals of your heart Light Sister, bloom and bask in your beautiful light."

©2020 by Donna Owens.