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What is

Light Language

Light Language comes in many different forms from sounds, symbols, energy, dance and vibrations. It is the language that your soul understands and is made of divine light and energy, you too are made up of energy and light and Light Language speaks to the energies of your subtle bodies (light body, chakras etc). It is a transmission of energy and codes which bypasses your human logical mind and is a powerful direct communication between the divine and your heart for the ascension of your soul and spiritual growth.

Light Language can:

-Clear & Transmute blocked energy

-Raise your Vibrations

-Cleanse, balance & activate your Chakras

-Assists in clearing negative energy

-Provide spiritual protection

-brings awareness to what needs attention

How I Channel Light Language.

Light Language comes through me in the forms of signs, symbols and energy. Light Language Energy is where I channel light coded Energy which speaks directly to your soul to move, balance, nurture, soothe or activate issues in your Light Being Body/Chakras. 

I focus mostly on the Heart Chakra guiding you to reconnect to your heart space for inner wisdom, peace, healing and joy, Light Language helps to support you as you nurture and cleanse your heart (this is often called shadow work along the spiritual journey).

I offer a selection of Light Language Videos (coming 2021) which you can download to watch again and again, each time you watch the videos your soul will know what you need in that moment, so you may feel different each time you watch the video. You may feel calm, you may feel triggered (a message from your soul to what needs attention and healing), you may feel emotional (a message to release and let go) or you may feel nothing which is also fine as Light Language works at a deep soul level beneath your logical mind.

My Sacred Light Sisterhood is a monthly Light Language membership guiding you to reconnect to your Heart for Divine Feminine Living. Each Month sees a Oracle Reading, A light Language Workshop and workbook on channeled issues the collective needs at the time for peace, joy and wellbeing. Click HERE to join us.

Light Language Art are channelled symbols infused with Light Codes and set intention energy to speak directly to your heart. All you have to do to receive is open your heart and feel the energy as you look at the symbols. You can keep these symbols with you and look at them often throughout your day. Your soul will "read" the symbols to attune to their energy accordingly.

Light Language Art.

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