Q&A With Donna

Meet the Author behind the books and the journals and look into her writing life.

How did you become a writer? 

In 2016 I was hit with a relapse of M.E. / Chronic fatigue syndrome which left me resting at home for nearly 3 years! I had always wanted to write my story living with this invisible illness as a teenager and the universe granted me the time to finally put my experience into words to help others and I wrote Yoga, My Bed & M.E. which sold copies all over world and helped so many, but I didn’t think of myself as a writer back then nor did I know where my writing journey would take me, it took me from 2019 until now to fully step into “I am a full time writer/author” shoes and fully commit to writing books.

Was writing always a dream you had? 

I have always loved books, bookshops and writing growing up and loved the idea of massive bookcases at home filled with books of magic and wisdom, at 19 I was a Sex and the city fan and always had a heart felt pull towards Carrie’s job as a writer. To me she had the perfect job - getting paid to write and her feelings and experiences were infused in her words which helped others and indeed us watching, I was always slightly jealous of her freedom she seemed to have too and I just wanted to also be paid to write out my feelings, while still meeting friends whenever I wanted, however I always thought I was never good enough, that I had nothing to write about, that it wasn’t a real job and I wasn’t qualified in English so I went on to be a Makeup Artist for over 10 years, funnily enough I did always want to write a makeup book on bridal makeup and had a bookcase full of makeup books! 

What topics do you write about and why? 

I write from my feelings, experiences from my life and the Divine Feminine Aspects because we are all on a spiritual healing journey filled with emotions, healing and we need support, most of the “love notes” I write on social media are the words I needed to hear at the time of writing them and I share them because I know other hearts need to hear them too. I love my words to touch, inspire, comfort and motivate others along their journey. I am also passionate about the Divine Feminine aspects to living because we need them more than ever in our life for wellbeing. I have never fitted into the masculine way of living, being a natural creative and highly sensitive soul, I have natural feminine values to life and forcing my soul into a society that didn’t honour these was a main reason I became ill. Too many souls are feeling deflated, exhausted and suffering emotional health from trying to keep up with the fast paced way of life, and the way to heal is to call home the lost feminine aspects into our daily life and hearts. 

Talk us through your books.

My first book Yoga, My Bed & M.E. is part story/part yoga guidance for people who have chronic fatigue which I wrote in 2016, which lead me to write 365 Days of Healing Mantras in 2019 a little bedside book filled with healing affirmations, affirmations helped me along my own health healing journey as well as being a big part of my daily life now, it must be the writer in me in which words touch, hold and speak to my heart and that is what I wish my writing can do for others. I am in the process of editing Awaken Your Divine Goddess a guide to take women to reconnect, nurture and activate their inner Goddess to shine in their life and I am currently writing Love Notes to a Goddess, a collection on inspiring, comforting and motivating words to nurture hearts as you go through life.

My Divine Goddess journals are either a morning practice Divine Goddess Journal where each morning you can set the intention on how you want to feel that day and what practices you can add in your day to embody that feeling. My Divine Goddess Night Time Journal is for before bedtime and is the space where you can release emotions and feelings from that day so you can have a peaceful sleep and it also has space for a list of things you were grateful for that day too. I also have plans for more books so stay tuned!

What is a typical working day for you? 

I still have M.E./Chronic Fatigue although very mild, but I still have to wake up naturally and honour my body needs day to day. I spend the mornings journaling and stretching and I do an hour of social media, then it depends- if I have book editing then I do some of that before lunch, if not I may create social media posts or just chill with notes and thoughts playing around my mind. I write when I’m inspired although I am definitely an night owl and prefer to write and create deep into the night. I often have 2 or more projects on the go too, so I flow between them and listen to where I am guided. I can spend a good 6 hours writing, editing and creating most days/nights.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing? 

I like spending time laughing with those I love, dancing and pilates, reading and going for walks. As a creative it is hard to switch off as inspiration and feelings are a constant flow for ideas to write about and because I love writing I never see it as a chore or work because it is part of me. I like to take care of me and my health as much as I can so I try to spend time on self care, which I find hard as once I’m in the flow I can sit for hours to get a book done!

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