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Yoga, My Bed & M.E.

Whilst suffering with a major M.E. relapse in 2016, I wrote this book to tell my story, to share my struggles with M.E. to share my knowledge of yoga poses & how they helped me cope with my illness.
Don' t be scared to try yoga, know that you aren't alone & yoga is possible, my book is the perfect bedside companion to help you start your yoga journey pose by pose.

Book is available in Paperback or Kindle from Most Amazon websites.

What Warriors say about my book...

"I love this book. Donna is authentic and has walked the walk with respect to ME. She has developed her own style of Yoga - stretching exercises - to suit the limitations that sufferers have. Her style of writing is very accessible and you feel that she is right here beside you, talking to you. A remarkable book"
Craig ​

"Excellent Book for M.E. sufferers" 
Suzie D

"Saved my sanity and helped me breath again"
Jane M Lowe

Mrs M

"When your body tells you "no", this book helps you teach it say "ok, I can do this". Whether you have ME/CFS, POTS, or another fatiguing or limiting illness, this gentle, horizontal approach to yoga may very well help you regain flexibility, reduce pain, and just plain feel good."

"This was exactly what I needed. I am able to do this type of exercise without much payback.
The steps are easy to follow and easy to understand."


"Excellent book to help with yoga when classes are far too much for someone with ME. Great idea and poses are well explained which you can do in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. So glad I discovered this!"

"I am bed bound with ME/CFS & I've looked at other yoga books and found them too advanced, even though claiming to be for CFS. However, these poses are much more at my level and really make me feel as though I can achieve something. I love how the benefits of each pose is explained & Donna's understanding of the condition really shines through."


365 Days of Healing Mantras

A little bedside book of affirmations to help you along your spiritual healing journey. 

Reconnect, nurture and open your heart to divine light and love.

Use the book as an oracle, each day in meditation or as and when you need a pick me up. 

20 minute manta Meditation video included. 

Book available in paperback and kindle on Amazon

What people say about my book...

"Excellent affirmations. My wife has used this book at her school and the children have gained much." Craig

"So enjoyed this little book, has very inspiring quotes to read each morning before the start of the day. Perfect little gifts for your girlfriends, so bought some extra for just that!" Tina

"This is a good little book to help you in your daily travel through life. These are positive statements or affirmations that if you repeat them in the same way as you would a mantra they will inspire you." Rob