365 Days of Healing Mantras

A little bedside book of affirmations to help you along your spiritual healing journey. 

Reconnect, nurture and open your heart to divine light and love.

Use the book as an oracle, each day in meditation or as and when you need a pick me up. 

20 minute manta Meditation video included. 

Book available in paperback and kindle on Amazon

What people say about my book...

"Excellent affirmations. My wife has used this book at her school and the children have gained much." Craig

"So enjoyed this little book, has very inspiring quotes to read each morning before the start of the day. Perfect little gifts for your girlfriends, so bought some extra for just that!" Tina

"This is a good little book to help you in your daily travel through life. These are positive statements or affirmations that if you repeat them in the same way as you would a mantra they will inspire you." Rob

"Heart Warming - 365 Days of sentences to uplift you. I am so happy I found this book." Ali. 


Book is available in both paperback and kindle and also available on in more Amazon countries.