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Published Books & Journals

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Your Soul is Calling...

Prose & poetry to inspire you to follow your heart

coming soon

Awaken your Divine Goddess

3 Steps to  reconnect, nurture & activate the light of your feminine heart.


She vs Life: The Collection

She vs life 1&2 have been brought together in this collection book for women dancing life.


Self-Care Bullet Journal

100 page self-care journal to take care of your well-being.


100 Days of Gratitude Journal

100 day Gratitude bullet journal for a quick and simple daily gratitude practice


Divine Goddess Journal

Your morning journal on setting the intention on how you wish to feel each day


She vs Life

For the women who feel lost and deflated right now


She vs Life 2

For the women healing and taking care of her soul.


Night-time Journal

Write out your daily stresses and worries before you go to bed to release them from your exhausted mind.


My Shattered Heart

For anyone who is feeling the anger and pain of heartbreak right now.


Yoga, My Bed & M.E

For those with CFS/M.E this simple yoga in bed guide can help ease body and mind.


365 Days of Healing Mantras

365 Affirmations to help you along your healing journey. 

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