Are your worries keeping you awake at night?

Throughout your day you can pick up lower energies, low emotions, stress and worries which you take to bed with you where they can keep you up for most of the night with over thinking and anxiety and then you are exhausted the next morning.

Just like having a bath or cleaning your teeth at the end of your day you should also cleanse your mind of any lower emotions and thoughts so that you can sleep soundly.

I created this journal because I know what it's like to be kept lying awake for most of the night with thoughts and emotions running constantly through my mind, I have learnt to never go to bed with my worries and instead spend time before bed writing out all my fears, worries and feelings, while sometimes it isn't easy to stop worrying or to be hurt by what happened in the day, journalling can lift the heaviness that is weighing on your mind and heart.

This journal is your space to lift that heaviness. A 200 page safe space to release and let go.

A Gratitude practice also has a profound effect on lifting your mood, after you have written and released your feelings and worries you can write 3 things that you are grateful for that day, by ending the day on a positive note shifts your vibration to be able to go to bed with a grateful heart.

I wish for your Goddess heart to be at peace tonight, to let go of the day and dream of a brighter tomorrow.