2020 the Awakening of Divine Feminine Living.

I wasn't born to fit in with the Masculine ways of living, I was chosen to help create New Earth, to stand out and use my voice and light to raise the collective consciousness of a more balanced way of living.

2020 is the beginning of the Divine Feminine Living awakening, we have lived in the unbalanced way for too long, the Masculine ways of daily living have become toxic, our souls and body weren't meant to live in this fast paced way, we can see the effects of this imbalance by the alarming increase of chronic illnesses, anxiety, burnouts, mental and emotional health issues and for centuries the Divine Feminine values of living have been suppressed and dismissed.

This years events meant that we all have had to stop living the toxic Masculine ways of living, we have had time to rest, reflect and notice the imbalance of the world and how we live, while some souls aren't ready right now, many souls are opening their awareness and hearts to knowing life should be and could be a better way. It's now more important than ever that my words and light shine brighter, it's my time to share my message and pour light into the hearts of the awakening souls to help create New Earth.

As the world stopped the "normal" way of living, we were guided to experience a softer, more gentler way of living and being, we were nudged into a cocoon of healing, questioning what we wanted in life, who we really are, to face and transmute false beliefs, fears and the past to ascend into the new future. There have been many endings of jobs, relationships and ways of life as we know it but they have all happened for us so that we have a clear path to create a new future and way of living, a way of living from our heart, living a life of peace and joy and which makes us happy instead of draining, greed and pushing.

2020 is the beginning of the Divine Feminine Living, the old ways of living has started to crumble and the Divine Feminine is ready to rise to restore balance once more, bringing in the aspects of peace, intuition, slower pace, compassion and joy. The toxic ways of over working, control, constantly doing, power and greed are falling, our souls weren't meant to fit in a one way fits all system which has been heavily Masculine based.

Maybe social distancing is creating personal space for our soul to breathe, maybe having to line up and limit numbers in shops will stop frustration and anger we all get from crowds and over pushing, maybe less noise and crowded tables in cafes and bars will mean people can hear each other and enjoy their time without being squished in with other busy tables.

It's time to bring a more natural, balanced way of living back into New Earth, Divine Feminine Living is not about removing the Masculines ways but to work in harmony alongside healthy Masculine ways of living. We need the Masculine ways as much as the Feminine ways but as most of us have been born into the "Man's World" the Masculine ways of living is the only way of living we know, the Feminine way and balance was lost long before we came to Earth, so we have lost our natural Feminine heart to live in a balanced manner, we have closed our light and heart to the feminine ways and now the Masculine ways of living have become so imbalanced it's not healthy for anyone or the Earth.

This year it's my time to step forward as the light worker and the star seed I am, I was born for this very moment and time on Earth, I felt the signals of preparation for a long time as though I was waiting in line for my call and heard "It is Time" at the beginning of the year before the world went into lockdown. I received downloads and activations of remembrance of who I was, my message and mission in life. My spiritual mentor is Mother Mary who guides me along my mission to serve the collective to bring balance back into living for peace and joy. I was guided to up my connection to the divine light, cleanse my heart, let go of lots of things including people, old ways and even my home, raise my vibrations and even detox my physical body of everything that wasn't pure so I could clearly connect to Divine Source.

The events of 2020 is just the start of major collective awakening, healing and change not just in the way we live on Earth but in ourselves also. The old is dying so the new can be birthed, you are here at this time to help with the labour pains and a calm delivery of a peaceful New Earth for our future generations to come.


Light & Blessings,

Donna xx

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