2021 A Time for a New Way of Living.

Updated: Jan 5

With a new year comes new hope, new choices and a chance for a new start, after 2020 we are beginning to birth a new way of living and many souls have been awoken to begin or deepen their spiritual journey maybe this is you? Your soul guided you to these very words for a reason- to begin to live from the light of your heart. Your soul wants you to be happy in your life and is whispering to you to call home the Divine Feminine to reconnect to the light within you to shine in your life and to live a joyful life but.....

You have become disconnected to your heart, you have been brought up to live in a wounded Masculine way of life, a way of striving, pushing, competition, separation with power and money being the way to happy life, where rest and your emotions are seen as week, you are living in your worrying mind in a programmed way of society and your soul is exhausted. Over the recent years we have seen an alarming rate of souls suffering with exhaustion, stress, burn out and mental and physical health issues all calling for the Divine Feminine ways to come home to their heart.

There are a few reasons why you have become disconnected from your heart.

1) You have closed your heart to life, to others and more importantly to self love. You have spent most of your years with your heart guarded, wounded and in the dark, your soul has lost its spark for life due to painful life experiences.

2) Your soul wasn't designed to fit into the system of the Masculine ways, you have natural Feminine values and traits and you were born to be feel free, share love and experience life, the old ways of living drained your soul and energy and you felt you never fitted in with society, others and on Earth.

3) You're not following your souls values, truth and passions in life, you are existing in a world that doesn't excite your soul and doesn't light you up, you have put aside your hobbies, passions and excitement for surviving and living in what society and others expect of you which has drained your passion for living.

The old ways of what we knew about living is falling around us so that that we as a community can come together to build a new peaceful way of living, it doesn't start waiting for others to "fix" it or waiting for things to get better on their own, it gets better when we each stand in the light of our own heart to shine the way and the world is needing a new way.

This is why you have been shaken up; to remember your own unique divine light maybe in 2020 and right now you feel disconnected and bruised, not sure which way to turn, looking for answers in the external crumble that lies around you, if you feel lost and broken right now see it as your invitation to go within. The answers you seek are found within the light of your heart but over the years you have come separate from hearing your hearts wisdom, growing up society made you believe and follow your head and logic to survive but you now know thats not serving you or the world as you still feel lost in life and the events of 2020 has stirred the whispers of your soul to say "there has to be a better way".

Light sister this is your year to reconnect to the divine light of your heart for peace and joy in your life.

It is your year to listen, trust and follow your heart.

It is time to nurture and heal your heart space

It is time to live by your souls' values, truth and passions

It is time to live the Divine Feminine Way.


Divine Feminine Living means bringing home the lost Feminine aspects for wellbeing, aspects of being, listening and trusting your intuition, honouring all your emotions and speaking your soul truth. It means learning to live in the flow of life and bringing back joy into your daily life. This means learning to bring aspects of the Divine Feminine into your life for not only a better way of living but for a more peaceful world, we need to call back home the aspects of compassion, community, support, nurture and love and we can't give this to others if we can't give these aspects to ourselves.

Divine Feminine Living doesn't mean avoiding or banishing the Masculine ways or even feeling hate towards a toxic world, the Masculine aspects are wounded and needs our Feminine compassion to heal. The Divine Feminine aspects will begin to restore balance in the world again, working alongside healthy Masculine aspects for a balanced way of living, working together for harmony and well-being.

The world right now is creating a space for new ways to be planted and birthed, it is creating a space where you can go within, heal and help create New Earth. The more souls who connect to their Divine Feminine now can change the world for future generations to come.

Divine Feminine Living is the gentle path along your spiritual journey where you are connected to your heart space and truth, honouring the dark and light, the flow of healing and life, learning and growing along the way. You will begin to honour the Earth, your body and your spirit. You will uncover lost wisdom and gifts that are waiting for you buried deep within your soul.


Even from the age of 5 I knew I didn't like "life". I had a deep knowing of lifetimes of where living was free, simple and joyful. As I moved through school I often felt disconnected from the "programme" of being taught, I felt different form my classmates and older than my teachers, my soul wanted freedom to be creative and to be free in my own energy and as I grew up forcing my natural empathic HSP Feminine ways and energy in to the "real world" powered by Masculine aspects I became ill. At the age of 14 I was diagnosed with M.E./CFS which took over my teenager years. I had to redesign my life to fit alongside my health of course this just meant coming home to living the Divine Feminine way which honoured my soul. I learnt to live according to my own energy and say no to what drained me but with the demands of society I kept trying to "fit in" with the rest of the world, to be "normal" to live a busy filled life which was considered the "way of normal living" each time I tried, my body crashed with exhaustion and I had relapses of ill-health , my soul was not designed to live in what we deem as "normal" living. When I honour my own soul, energy and values my health improves vastly.

How I live the Divine Feminine way- I deeply soul search and question my emotions and feelings, I embrace my natural feminine traits and live by my souls true values, I remove what drains my energy, I spend time nurturing my heart space, I face my triggers, emotions and fears to transmute, I nurture and connect to my inner child, I'm committed to my wellbeing, spirituality, growth and inner learning, I listen, follow and trust my heart. I spend more time surrounded by what brings me joy and happiness.

So how can you begin to live the Divine Feminine way?

How can you learn to be still? Trust your heart and find joy again?

Your heart is your gateway for healing, peace and joy


It can be overwhelming not knowing where to start to bring home the aspects of the Divine Feminine into your life but it can be broken into 3 steps. The only thing you need to do is begin here and begin now where you are and what you're feeling, we all have something we are feeling in this moment, hurt, frustration, worry, take this as your invitation to begin your journey to the light of your heart, to let the Divine Feminine take care of you.

The 3 steps are Reconnect, Nurture and Activate:

1) Reconnect: It's time to step out of your logical mind and listen to your heart. We have lost the Divine Feminine aspects of Being and Intuition along life, we are never still long enough to hear our hearts guidance, we have been programmed to always be on the go and that rest, stillness and silence is weak and lazy. It is in this stillness that your heart speaks to you, meditation, nature walks and more can reconnect you back to your heart space to hear the whispers it wishes to share with you. These whispers are your intuition, a voice you have not only forgotten to hear but also to trust and follow in your life. Throughout life we have all experienced times where we know we should have followed our "gut instinct" it's now time to let your heart lead, to do what is right from your heart for you, not what society or others demand from you. The only way to know which way to go is by reconnecting to your heart space and listening to your inner wisdom.

2) Nurture: We are weighed down with years of stored pain, emotions and hurt, this step seems simple, the journey is your own to take and I have been (and still) on the journey myself I know sometimes it won't be easy. Nurture is the space where you heal your heart, a space where you can clear years of old ways, beliefs, programming, pain and hurt, maybe even past lifetimes and ancestral pain, most souls will turn and run away from from step 2 Nurture because it is this step which you have to face your shadows, heal, forgive and release, it's also the step that never ends, as long as you are on this spiritual journey of living from the light of your heart there is always something to nurture, heal and release.

3) Activate: When was the last time you really belly laughed? danced all night? had fun? Joy, passions and hobbies are things you "treat" yourself too when you have done all the chores, work and normal life if you get time, your passions are keys to your happiness and are there to incorporate into your days as a must do not a maybe do if I'm not to tired, the spark of life lies in engaging in your passions and hobbies as often as you can and Divine Feminine Living is all about bringing the aspects Joy, flowand Passionback into your heart.

Divine Feminine Living is incorporating these three steps into your daily life, each step has the Feminine aspects which we are needing in both our lives and. the world.

Aspects of:

Being, Intuition, Truth, Emotions, Compassion, Support, Receiving, Joy, Passion and Flow.

It's your year Light Sister.

Peace, Love & Light


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