3 Divine Feminine Aspects to Call Home for Better Living

Updated: Feb 21

We have been given space to realign with our soul, to look within, heal, grow and to finally break free from old toxic ways of being, thinking and doing.

For so long you have lived in a Masculine energy way of living, born to live ruled by your mind of striving, constantly doing, over worrying and pushing your free spirited soul into ways that exhausted your being, now the world has opened up a space in which these old ways can fall away, where healing can take place and the new way of living can be birthed. The old ways of Masculine living weren't healthy for us, the fast pace daily grid and hustle, the separation of communities and our soul from our spirit, the age of digital where we rely on technology rather than ourselves.

Your Feminine heart and all of its wisdom has been put aside as you have lived in your ego Masculine mind to survive in life which over the recent years have seen an alarming rise of chronic exhaustion, ill-health and mental health issues confirming that we weren't born to live in this unbalanced system we called "normal life", now in the space of stillness, in the space where the old is falling you can call home the lost Divine Feminine aspects that your soul has been yearning for so long.

The world is asking for us to call home lost aspects of the Divine Feminine to help restore balance once more, aspects we need to begin to embrace in our daily life for joy and wellbeing not only for ourselves but for our children and also the for the rest of the world. There are 3 Divine Feminine aspects you can begin to call home in your life right now, aspects which nourish, care and fill your soul, aspects which you have forgotten to prioritise into your daily life due to the Masculine ways of living of over doing, over giving and over working, these aspects are:

1: Being:

You have constantly been on the go, running around as a slave to life' demands, you have been brought up to "work hard", "keep going", "be productive" and "don't stop" but how exhausted are you?

Do you feel guilty for taking time out? Lazy for taking a day off? Divine Feminine Living is about finding a healthy balance of doing with being, learning that being is as productive if not more so than constantly doing. In being you have time to recharge your soul and energy, you can step out of your over working mind and into your heart; answers, solutions and ideas can come to you without force when you take time to just Be. Now is the time to incorporate more Being into your daily life- Meditation, nature walks, reading a book are great ways to spend time Being with your soul.

Ask yourself how can you incorporate being into your day? How does it feel? Is it welcomed peace or do you struggle slowing down and just being? Why do you think you struggle if so?

2: Nurture:

You give, give and give to others, your time, your energy, your love and support but do you give yourself the same nurturing? It's exhausting to constantly give when others demand your time and energy and you never stop (Being) to nurture your own soul. You need to look after yourself so that you can look after others with as much energy as possible. You need to learn self love boundaries and make yourself a priority in your own life. Your energy and your soul are precious as well as your physical body, so it's important to learn to look after them for your wellbeing. Nurturing can be a simple bath, a better diet choice or an early night. Nurture also means to nurture your emotions and feelings, you may have learnt to swallow your emotions, feelings and tears to avoid upsetting others or you didn't want to look weak in front of others, Divine Feminine Living means to honour all your emotions, feelings and thoughts and learn to express them in healthy ways as and when they arrive, suppressing them can build up, weigh your heart down and can cause ill health. Ways to nurture your emotional and mental bodies can be journalling, crying, therapy, speaking your truth with kindness.

Ask your soul what it needs to feel nurtured? Is it physical nurturing or emotional nurturing that you need the most right now? Can you be gentle to yourself and give yourself the love without judgement of your feelings and needs?

3: Joy:

Has your life been all work and no play? Have you lost your passion and hobbies which light you up and make you happy because you simply don't have time to do them? We have been brought up that once we are adults that fun, hobbies and excitement are left in our childhood and is replaced with work and responsibility, we have to "grow up", no wonder we feel deflated! and it's one reason so many binge drink and party at weekends after a long week of playing adults, they feel they have a free playtime to let loose for a night and not worry about work or responsibilities for a weekend. Life should be a healthy balance of work and play, your hobbies and passions are part of your soul they are there so that you have a joyful filled life as a human but the Masculine ways of living has brought us to believe it's all work work work and we can only play after we have done our tasks and to do lists and yet when we have done all the to-dos we either have ran out of time or are too tired to do our hobbies. What if you put your hobby or something that lights you up before you do your tasks? Instead of waking up and feeling deflated before you start your day, put some music on and dance or paint or sing whatever lights you up, you will find it will put a spring in your step for the rest of the day and you will find you'll fly your to-do list with a better mood. Joy is a natural state lost over time, it's now calling you to bring home this important aspect so that you can enjoy your life and shine.

Ask your heart what it needs to burst with joy? What will make you laugh, smile and go about your day with a open happy heart?

These are just a few of the Divine Feminine aspects we need to call home as we move into a balanced way of living other aspects include; compassion, forgiveness, community, creativity, truth, freedom, peace, all things we and the world are yearning for, yet they won't happen unless we each choose to step into our own Divine Feminine Living power and be the change we want to see.

Each soul has to embody these Divine Feminine traits in their own life for change to happen within us, within our life and within the world. The Divine Feminine Living isn't about taking over the Masculine ways of life but instead to help heal the wounded Masculine ways which have become damaging to our health and wellbeing so that a healthy balance of Masculine and Feminine energies can be restored once more.

If you are guided to bring these three Divine Feminine aspects into your daily life, then I have a wonderful simple workbook "Call Home your Divine Feminine in 4 Weeks" now available in my shop.

A 10 page workbook to download so you can incorporate these aspects into your daily life for joy, peace and wellbeing.

Peace, love & light

Donna xx

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