3 Steps For Living from the Light of your Heart

A life of peace, clarity and joy is a life living from the light of your heart, the space where your soul resides, the wisdom of the cosmos, and the pure innocent being of light that you are all live in the space of your heart.

We are all light and energy and we all have access to living from this space for tranquility, guidance and love throughout our time on Earth, we just need to remember how to connect and follow our own inner light.

As human beings who experience painful life experiences as we grow up, over time we close our heart and light to the wonder that we are, our Divine Feminine traits are lost, dimmed and hidden in order to fit in with the Masculine ways of the world and to protect ourselves from more pain and hurt, we lose our connection to our heart, our light and inner wisdom which are all important tools to help guide us along our life and instead we have been brought up to live in our Ego mind of false and programmed beliefs which we have been taught to be truth.

It's time for the Divine Feminine Living to come back into your heart and into your life. The Divine Feminine of Being, Listening, Connection, Compassion and Love, for too long you have felt in the darkness of the world, exhausted, disconnected and alone, your heart is whispering to you, calling you to breathe into the space of everything you are within.

Your light is always there, deep in the centre of your heart waiting for you to reconnect to the warmth and loving presence of your core being, your higher self and the magic of the cosmos.

As a human it may not be easy to connect to your heart, years of living in your Ego mind mixed with traumas and painful experiences mean that you have subconsciously caged your heart and light to protect it from more pain and suffering. The way back to your light can be a long healing journey which at times can be hard and challenging. The healing process and indeed living from the light of your heart consists of three steps you need to practice consistently in order for peace and joy.

1) Connect to your Heart Space.

You need to drop from your mind and Ego ways to be able to connect to the space of your Heart. Over the years you have lost your connection to listen, hear and follow your own hearts wisdom, you look for external answers in things and peoples opinions and views, you may avoid connecting to your heart because it's painful so you stay busy, drown yourself with distractions such as social media, tv, food, drink and people because stillness, silence and connection scares you. When you are ready to connect to your heart it's a daily practice of being, breathing, focusing and listening to the space of your chest. Meditations, visualising, chanting, journaling are just some ways you can use to connect to your heart.

2) Cleanse your Heart Space:

We all have hurt hearts, torn hearts, bleeding hearts, dark hearts, shattered hearts and caged hearts from years of hurt, pain and trauma that we go though along our life. Cleansing your heart is the part of healing all the above to move through them to come to a place of peace and light in your heart and life, also named as shadow work this cleansing step is to heal- to connect, face and transmute the pain to light. No one can "fix" you as you are not broken nor can anyone do the work for you, for peace and joy in your outer world, you have to go within, connect to your heart and cleanse the pain. What others can do is hold the space for you as you cleanse, as you wash away years of stored emotions and pain, to support and sit with you, life won't always be roses and light but when you have a sisterhood of other light souls around you cleansing is a little easier.

3) Activate your Heart Space:

Activating your heart is all about unlocking the cages and beaming your light into the world, it is all about knowing what makes your heart beam and explode with joy, passion and love and doing more of it in your daily life, to not be sorry for doing things that you love to do, to love fiercely and show kindness and compassion to others and the world. When you are not connected to your heart and if your heart is heavy with hurt, finding joy in life can be hard, we sulk and say that life is unfair, we don't take part in things which can raise our vibrations and wellbeing. When your heart is open you can find love and joy in the small things in your life, you spend time doing things you love with the people you love and take every moment as a blessing.

Connecting, cleansing and activating isn't a done once job, it's a dance of continuously flowing from each one often to stay balanced and peaceful in your life, your heart is always talking to you so regular connection is important to listen to its wisdom. There is always worry, stress, hurt patterns and false beliefs to cleanse and release, while it can be hard, as you become more connected to your heart and the divine light within, you will be able to face the cleansing process with more strength and ease for you see them as growth and brought to you for healing and clearing rather than something which is going again you in life.

We need to bring back Divine Feminine Living to our world, by connecting to your heart and light you are embracing the lost Feminine aspects of living and yourself, this Feminine is needed now more than ever to bring peace, compassion and balance into a wounded way of living, a living which is causing so many mental and physical ill-health, anger and conflict, greed and poverty, it's time to step out of the wounded ways and into a peaceful new Earth, will you answer the call of your heart?

Light & Blessings

Donna x

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