3 Ways to unleash your Feminine Joy and Passions

You were born with talents, gifts, passions and hobbies to share and practice in your life.

These passions and hobbies give you joy, they light your heart and soul up, they make you feel excited and happy and you can lose yourself and time when you carry them out.

But how often do you feel like this?

How often do you spend doing the things you love in your life?

Divine Feminine Living is calling home the lost aspects of Joy and Passion back into your daily life.

Your soul yearns for these to shine and open your heart, it is calling you to bring back your inner child full of fun, wonder, excitement and joy!

You don't have these hobbies and passions for nothing, they are given to you to use, practice, enjoy and embrace in your life so that you live a life of love and happiness. As you have grown up you have learnt to suppress your hobbies, passions and things that excite you for work, responsibilities, stress and tiredness. The things that make your heart sing are left on the shelf because you feel you have no time or no energy to do them anymore. You feel deflated and low because joy isn't running through your feminine heart, you aren't using your passions to fuel your energy, your desire and own happiness in your daily life.

We have learnt to see our passions as selfish if we take time out to do them, we put work, family, phones and TV as our priorities, we feel we can't do our hobbies until we have ticked off all of our to-do list and done all the work needed to be done, in which once done you are too tired or it is too late to start.

Divine Feminine Living is about balance with Joy and Work, when you do more of what lights you up you can be more productive, calmer and happier with the work and tasks that don't light our soul. Feeling happy raises your mood, emotions and happy hormones, it helps release tension in your body and helps calm your mind.

Here are 3 ways to bring Joy into your daily life

1: Connect to your inner child:

I loved playing priestesses, dragons, magic worlds and magic as a child, I was arty and loved to dance all these things I bring out as as adult to connect me back to my inner child for innocent joy.

To have Joy, fun and laughter means to connect to your inner child again, call her/him out to play, go to the park, colour or paint, day dream and become full of wonder and magic of life again. Remember how you felt as a child lost in play and fun, not wanting to stop for food or to go bed, while you may felt life was easier and you had no responsibilities as a child, you also didn't have limiting beliefs, you saw everything through the eyes of fun and love.

2: Follow what pulls at your soul:

What tugs at your heart?

What does your soul yearn for for joy?

I know when I stray away from writing or yoga or I get distracted or "busy" with life I crave them, like pieces of my soul are missing. I get cranky and sad and both of these passions tug at me constantly until I surrender and practice them before anything else. I know they are part of my soul, they are part of me and when I practice them everything else in my day flows much better because I am in a better loving vibration. Make a list of what pulls at your soul, what do you love to do that you don't do often but when you do it feels like home? Then add it to your daily or weekly to do list, make it a priority for your happiness.

3: Make the time:

When I feel low, tired or meh. I know I have two choices sit there and feel crap or start doing something that lifts my mood whether that is putting on my fave songs, dancing, yoga or writing/creating it shifts my mood, it opens my heart and raises my vibrations again to enjoy my present moment. Life can be busy, life can full of demands from family and if you feel you don't have the time and you feel deflated it is a sign from your soul to make the time- just 30 minutes a day, every other day can help. Set boundaries, you deserve and need joy time for your wellbeing- if you are in a state of tiredness and deflation you may find you're snappy, emotional and not fully able to give your all to what needs attention, but when you take time out to raise your mood, shake off the tension, laugh and enjoy your hobby or passion you will find you are able to give more, be more calmer and patient and also those around you will mirror your happy mood so the whole family feels lighter and happier.

Joy is a state of how you feel moment to moment, you have the power to bring joy into your moment by choosing to do something that brings you joy. Too often we wait for life to hand us something fun or wait for someone to come along to cheer us up or have fun with. Remember YOU.ARE.JOY.



P.S: If you wish to bring Joy into your days then be sure to download my FREE 7 Days of Joy Workbook below. Raise your vibrations and spend time with your spirit.

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