4 Important Feminine Traits to Ignite your Light

Updated: Jan 5

For centuries, you have been living in a world that has been dominated by Masculine traits and energy (this doesn't mean men as a sex ruling the world), it simply means that you have grown up to believe that Masculine energies of striving, pushing, working hard and constantly doing is the way of life so that your Feminine traits have been pushed aside to keep up with the modern fast-paced way of living.

You need both the Masculine and the Feminine traits and energies working together for a balance of wellness in yourself, in your daily living and in the world. You have these energies within you and around you, they help you make daily decisions, help you cope with challenges and can create health and happiness in your life when they are balanced healthily but many of us are not in balance. We are living in a heavy Masculine way of doing and living and it is causing global issues, ill health, mental health issues and disconnection.

It is now time for you to bring back your lost Feminine traits for balance, to begin living with peace, joy and wellbeing. Divine Feminine living doesn't mean you are throwing the Masculine traits out the window and only living by the Divine Feminine traits because you need the Masculine but in a healthy way rather than the unhealthy way you have been living.

There are 4 Divine Feminine traits you need to bring back into your life and use your Masculine traits/energy in a healthy manner to work alongside your Feminine.

1) Intuition:

You have been living from your logical, rational mind, you have learnt to think, make choices and lead from the guidance of your mind (the should do's, the expectations, the safe and reasonable way of thinking), you follow your mind even when you feel a deep knowing it's the wrong thing to do, that deep feeling you ignore is your intuition.

We all have inner guidance, wisdom, intuition that is speaking to us all the time saying to us, "don't go there, don't believe that person, this isn't right" but we ignore that inner voice and go along with going there, believing that person and doing what doesn't feel right regardless and then we get hurt because we didn't trust or follow our inner voice- it is time to trust your intuition. You have become so separated from your intuition because your mind has been at the forefront for so long and because the world has become separated from spiritual ways that anything your mind can't logically work out with a logical reason you brush off as silly and don't trust what you are feeling.

What is your intuition telling you right now?

Are you trusting your inner wisdom?

2) Being:

You have been non-stop for years, family, children, housework, work, social life, going to and fro constantly, always "online", always over thinking, over worrying, stressing, not having time off, always having to do something, be somewhere can you relate? This constant doing is the unbalanced Masculine energy you are seeing in the world, it demands you to be always alert, always ready and always doing something.

We are programmed that it is lazy to rest, we never fully switch off because of technology and demands, we never allow ourselves to just do nothing! You feel guilty for resting, for saying no and for doing something for yourself.

For wellbeing you need to switch off and just be regularly, this means body, mind and spirit.

Learning to just BE in life is an important Feminine trait, balancing it evenly with the Masculine's doing trait, resting, a day of doing nothing, is just as important and even productive! When you step back from doing, you connect to your intuition, you can connect to answers, ideas, creativity and energy.

We need to learn to balance giving and receiving, learn to let others help us, to know that self-care isn't selfish and knowing that rest is just as productive as action.

How can you be more BEING this week?

How can you give yourself you time?

3) Flowing:

In the modern world there is no space for allowing, for surrendering to the flow, we feel we have to force the outcome, control the situations, push for what we want, chase and strive for things instead of trusting the universe and allowing what we need to come to us, to be open to what is, accepting what comes and what goes from our life, letting go of old energy in the forms of the past, emotions, people and things, being open to receiving great things naturally, learning to flow into chapters of growth and honouring natural life cycles.

Life is meant to flow, good and bad, cold and warm, light and dark, we see these flows in nature and we never try to change them because we can't and we should honour the natural flow of our life too, the good days and bad days, the busy and the quiet, the happy feelings and the sad feelings.

What area in your life are you trying to control?

What are you scared off if you let go?

4) Joy:

In Modern living you over work and have long to-do lists that you never have the time or energy to do things which gives you joy and happiness. Hobbies, passion, creativity and fun take the back seat or are seen as treats if you get everything you should do done. Your passions, hobbies and interests are an important part of your soul, they are there for you to carry out and enjoy as often as you can to help you enjoy life. They raise your vibrations, your happy hormones and your spirit. You have become disconnected from the joy within your heart, from the things which make your heart sing, you put everything else and "life" first that hobbies, passions and fun don't have a priority place in your daily or weekly to do lists. Life is meant to be joyful and fun, we shouldn't feel guilty for indulging in what makes us happy.

What are your hobbies and passions?

Are you including them into your daily/weekly plans, if not, how can you to bring more fun into your life?

All these Feminine traits come from the light of your Heart, your inner knowing, your centre for peace and joy within yourself and your life. To live from your Divine Feminine heart means to connect, listen and follow the nudges of your heart then use your masculine mind/ego to take action on what your heart says as opposed to what your ego thinks it should. This is a journey back to the Feminine Heart, which is a new habit to form after living in the Masculine ways for so long, it is a continuous practice of connecting, listening, cleansing and opening the wisdom of your heart to lead you to a peaceful and joyful life which aligns to your soul values and makes your heart sing.

Light & Blessings


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