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5 Minutes to Connect with your soul

Updated: Jun 1

Dear Soul,

Connecting to your soul starts by slowing down.

We rarely take the time to just be, to ponder our thoughts and feelings with curiosity and compassion.

You can't connect or hear the whispers of your soul if you don't quiet your mind and create a space of stillness

Journaling is a wonderful way of connecting and allowing your soul to speak to you.


Take a cup of coffee, a notebook and pen, switch your phone to silent for 5 minutes (or longer) and allow your soul to speak through you.

Take a few deep breaths and begin to quiet your mind by focusing on your heart space, the idea of journaling is freestyle writing from your heart.

The words and sentences don't have to make any sense or flow correctly. Try not to over think it or write from your mind. Allow whatever pops up and flows to be written without too much thought.

Ponder over the following prompts. You don't have to answer them all at once, do any stand out more than others? I use the word ponder because you're opening to curiosity with whatever comes up when you answer them, this includes thoughts, emotions and body sensations.

  1. What is my body, mind and soul needing right now?

  2. Am I happy in my life?

  3. What feelings and things am I avoiding?

  4. Am I having fun as often as I would like?

Just write. Whatever comes to light.

Once you start, you may feel you can't stop

Your soul will open and pour everything out

Let her speak.

Your soul speaks in the language of energy and vibration. This includes emotions, physical energy, body issues. Generally speaking, if you feel drained, exhausted, tense, upset then these are signs that your soul isnt aligned to what she loves.

If you feel light, peaceful, happy and relaxed your soul is then aligned and content.

So the secret to listening to your soul is by witnessing how you feel.

Can you incorporate journaling into your daily routine?

I personally journal every morning with my first cup of coffee, listening to bird songs or sound frequencies, because I live a soul-led lifestyle this is my space to connect to my soul needs for that day, I connect to my feelings, am I feeling good or low? How can I feel good today? Sometimes my soul just needs to soothed with rest, silence and a book, sometimes she needs fun, a dance and something exciting to spark her up. Whatever it is, I let my soul guide me each and everyday.

You may also like or prefer to journal in the evening, allowing your soul to release the days worries and stress and to finish with a small gratitude list to lighten your soul before bed.

What worrries/stress am I letting go off tonight?What am I grateful for today?

Journal therapy is a wonderful mindfulness tool to be in consistent communication with your soul. This includes your energy, emotions, feelings and worries and your needs. you don't have to be a writer or sit there until you write something down, it doesn't have to be long or make sense.

You may also prefer to ask your soul a question in the morning and ponder it throughout your day, allowing your soul to speak when she's ready. She may speak to you when you're in the shower or bath; when you're on the yoga mat or walking or as you're drifting off to sleep, keep a notebook with you or write in your phone notes.

In time you will find your own way to communicate with your soul.

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