8 Simple ways to Cleanse your Inner Light & Energy Field.

Just like everything, your inner light can become dusty, murky, dull and flat if you don't regularly cleanse it, over your days, weeks and months your light picks up particles of other peoples lower energies, the dust of the world, suppressed emotions, junk food, dehydration dims the sparkle of your light and it is good practice to take self care time out now and then to cleanse your light and your energy field.

I like to do regular detox cleansing retreats with the power of a full moon for 3 days when I feel called or when I feel tired, if I am in my head too much, taken on too much or over indulged, The full moon is a perfect time to release and let the detox work releasing out from your being under the energy of the moon flow,

You will know what needs releasing by how something makes you feel, when you feel heavy, exhausted, disconnected from your intuition/and spirit and you feel deflated in areas of your life, your mind, body and even your home, it is time to cleanse your inner light and energy field.

Here are some great simple ways you can begin to cleanse your light and energy.

1) Take a detox bath/shower with Epsom salts and essential oils like lemon every day over the Full Moon period (3 days), I prefer showers as I visualise the shower as a waterfall and all the grey, dusty lower energies wash away from my being down the plug hole until I feel lighter and brighter.

2) Meditate with the Violet flame to transmute lower energies into higher frequencies in and around your energy space. You can also use Clear Quartz crystals and place them on your third eye and heart chakras to cleanse and balance and heal.

3) Visualise a pure golden white light in your heart space and with each breath see it expanding, cleansing and filling your whole body up with clarity, energy, light and love.

4) Emotional release/detox (crying is a great detox and healthy for you) take this time to connect within to your inner child and/or Mother Mary and just open your heart to release any surpressed and built up emotions and feelings which are weighing you down, let your tears wash away your sorrow, frustrations and let Mother Mary hold you in her pure unconditional love energy so you feel safe and comforted as you release.

5) A body detox (check with a health professional beforehand), I often feel so dehydrated so I regularly detox my body with fruit and veg juices, lots of water and steamed veg for a few days to rest my vessel and clear it for higher clarity of my intuition.

6) Detox yoga poses, any twisted yoga poses like Reclined spinal twist is great for literally wringing out toxins from your body, spend time in yoga poses while focusing on deep breathing to move toxins and energy through and out of your body and energy field.

7) Sage or spray your energy field and home to remove low energies and lift the vibrations around you, music can also help with this.

8) Clean and declutter of your home space, social media and things which weigh you down, be honest and take the time to make sure your outer world is just as uplifting as your inner space.

We don't take the time to cleanse our inner light and energy field as often as we shower or hoover the house but for a bright inner light that is filled with peace, joy and brightness it is so important to take the time to deep cleanse and look after the light within your heart so that you feel uplifted and hear the whispers of your soul as well as raising your vibrations to enjoy your days and be able to uplift others around you.

Which practice will you try under this Full Moon this week?

Love & blessings

Donna xx

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