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Are you deflated, feeling there has to be more?

Updated: Feb 7

Are you happy?

Are you taking care of you?

or are you just existing?

just plodding along?

putting everyone and everything else

before your own dreams and needs?

Are you deflated?

feeling there has to be more?

That life is the same day in, day out

Is this all life is for?

Are you feeling like you missed your chance?

that now it's too late to chase your dreams?

now you are older there is just no way

and so you smile but feel empty inside?

Let me remind you

there is always time

life is here for you to thrive

but you have to take a chance

to put yourself first

it's not selfish

those who don't like it

were taking advantage of your time

So what are your dreams?

your joy and fun?

what will make you happy once again?

It's time to step out of the deflation energy

and step into the frequency of joy

by taking action

of what your soul is whispering to you.

Let my words be your support,

your encouragement to cheer you on

to tell you that I beleive in you

and that life is too short

will you regret it, not doing what you love ?

or at least you have to try

will you get to the end of your days

and wish that you had?

Find the courage,

find the faith

listen to your heart

and whatever you desire to do

take one little step today.

Your dreams and life of peace and joy are waiting for you....



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