Are you ready to be your own Heroine?

It is time to embrace all parts of the Divine Feminine.

The Divine Feminine is rising and she is calling you...

Do you feel her?

The fire in your soul,

The ache in your heart

The whispers in your breath.

She is ready to be set free.

She is calling you to reconnect to your Feminine heart and and step into your Feminine power. Will you answer the call?

The world has caged the Feminine for so long now and she's stirring, she's rising and she's ready to be seen by the world once more.

She is calling you to rise with her.

You can't deny her, she lives within you

You are her and she is you.

Are you ready to take your power back?

To Reconnect to your Feminine Heart once more

To Nurture your Heart with self love

To Activate the light the light of your heart

To fuel the fire of passion within your soul.

I know you're ready, I can feel the sparks of curiosity in your heartbeat

I can feel the nerves stir in your stomach

I can feel the excitement from your soul.

The Divine Feminine has many energies:

She is the Peacemaker

She is the Nurturer

She is the Passion

She is the Wild

She is the Calm

She is the Fire

She is the flow

She is the Warrior

She is YOU.

Be her.

Be the Heroine of your story,

It is yours to write

Right now,

You can once again step into your power.

Rise up

Your time is now

She is waiting..

Donna Owens May 2021

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