Are You Ready To Meet your Higher Goddess?

Updated: Jul 20

If you are feeling deflated and disconnected from life, yourself and your heart then take a moment to be grateful, for these are signs and messages from your soul that you are out of alignment of who you truly are, your soul truths and your own power.

You are disconnected from your Divine Goddess and now it is time to take these signs and to take action on them and to come back into alignment and awaken your Divine Goddess.

Your Divine Goddess has been buried under all the should do's and the should be's of life, painful life experiences and the heavily Masculine ways of society has taught you to close the light of your heart and to survive, this has caused you to become disconnected to your Feminine heart, your intuition, your truth and your joy.

It is time to bring your Goddess to light.

Beneath all the beliefs of who you should be and what the world expects you should do, who are you?

It begins by meeting your Higher Goddess, by befriending her, getting to know and love her and then letting the world get to know and love her too.

You have unique gifts, talents, values, desires and passions for a reason- to live them yet when you feel disconnected from yourself you can often feel like you don't know who you truly are and what you are here for. You can live from your Masculine over thinking and over worrying mind searching for the answers in the external world, letting others try to tell you who you are and what you should do.

It's time to stop and ask yourself.

All the answers are found within the light of your heart, within your Divine Goddess, she resides within your heart and is your wisdom and intuition and she is waiting for you to reconnect to her.

It is time to get back to basics, to meet your Higher Goddess and discover who you truly are.

Who is your Higher Goddess?

What does she do?

How does she feel in her life?

It is time to reconnect to your Goddess heart to guide you along the way to answer these questions and more and to activate the light of your Goddess heart by following your soul values and passions.

If you are feeling disconnected then Goddess it is time to reconnect to yourself, to listen to your heart and to follow your own truth.

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