Beginning your journey to living the Divine Feminine Way.

Are you exhausted of constantly doing, striving and pushing in life?

You have been born into a "man's world", a place where the Masculine energies have powered your way of living, thinking and being, aspects of working hard, constantly being productive, where striving and pushing, money, power and success are considered the normal way of living for a fulfilled life of happiness, but are you happy?

Now more than ever we are seeing an alarming rise of souls exhausted by these life demands, for simply put we aren't meant to live in this unbalanced way of living, we have lost a natural state of balance, we have lost the Divine Feminine.

Over the centuries we have been told to suppress the natural Feminine aspects of living in order to "keep up" with the pace of the modern world but we can no longer keep up, you are here because your soul is exhausted and is calling you to restore balance in your life, it is calling for you to bring home the lost Divine Feminine aspects. The Divine Feminine aspects including : Being, Nurturing, Community, Truth, Compassion, Joy, Creativity and Intuition, important aspects that nurture your soul, opens your heart, lets your spirit shine and restores balance in the world.

Divine Feminine aspects are what is needed to help heal the world right now, the falling of the old unhealthy Masculine ways of over working, forced time, old systems and education are creating space for each of us to step into the Divine Feminine to nurture the world, to come together and to build the new. Divine Feminine Living means to break free from the chains that are holding your soul captive, break free from the life that exhausts you and begin to live in a harmonious balance for well-being.

Is your soul deflated to life and you feel lost and alone?

Your soul has been caged by the Masculine aspects of living, it has been shut down in order for you to believe that living from your Masculine Mind of logic in a world of rules and systems is the only way to live and to dismiss the Feminine aspects as weak and not important

Our souls yearn to be free, full of joy and radiate happiness, some souls such as the free spirits, the creatives, the empaths and highly sensitive souls need the Divine Feminine way of living to thrive as when they try to "Fit in" with the society's demands and unbalanced way of living they can become ill.

Living the Divine Feminine way creates a natural balance to your daily life, it doesn't mean we are avoiding or banishing the Masculine aspects of living but instead living by healthy Masculine aspects balanced with healthy Feminine aspects:

  • Less Doing- More Being

  • Less striving- More Flow

  • Less Talking - More Listening

  • Less Greed - More Giving

  • Less Separation - More Community

  • Less Hate - More Kindness.

Divine Feminine Living will help you in many ways physically, mentally and emotionally, it can raise your energy, it can help heal your heart and it can boost your wellbeing and creativity because you are living authentically to your soul and the natural balance of living.

Do you often groan when you see really happy, bouncing, smiling people? who seem to be too happy? and then you wonder why their life seems to be all roses while your life is a struggle? It is most likely they are embracing the Divine Feminine Aspects. They are following their soul truths, they are finding the joy in every day, they mix doing with being, they spend time doing their passions and hobbies, they nurture their bodies and mind. They don't just live to survive in the Masculine ways of life but embrace life with a sense of wonder, joy and flow of balance.

But how can you live this way when life demands you work, pay bills and be a slave to the grind of society rules and judgements? I ask you How can you afford not to begin to live the Divine Feminine way? How many stressed out people do you know? How many with health issues? How many with mental health issues? How many aren't happy with aspects of their life? To see change is to be the change and it begins with you bringing home the Divine Feminine Aspects into your daily life.

It doesn't have to be hard, challenging or a big change, just by adding one aspect into your days or weeks can be beneficial. Take Being, even in lockdown how often do you spend with just Being in the present moment? Meditating? Time to yourself to nurture your soul? Time out from doing chores, home schooling, worrying, wasting time watching tv and instead just Being in silence and stillness? Can you start to add Being into your day for just 5-10 minutes? Maybe you can savour your coffee in silence before the children wake up? Maybe you can go for a walk and focus on nature, maybe you can switch your phone off for 10 minutes and focus on deep breathing? Whatever you do, you will find you crave Being more and more, the space to replenish your energy, to listen to your soul, to rest.

There are many Divine Feminine Aspects we need to call home for us to live in balance. Each aspect reconnects you to your soul, your inner wisdom and truth and your joy in life, they help you heal, grow and glow. As the world is changing, so we need these important Divine Feminine aspects more than ever, will you call them home?

You deserve to live a life of balance, peace and joy, your soul guided you to these very words to whisper to you to remember, you don't have to struggle or feel alone anymore, open your heart and let the Divine Feminine nurture, love and show you the way.

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