Breaking my Spirit Free to Fly

I always thought there was something wrong with me growing up as I felt I didn't fit in with the masses, I didn't like following the crowds, I didn't like being told what to do, how to live and what to think or believe.

I didn't cope well in crowds as I felt all the mixed energy around me causing me exhaustion and anxiety. I didn't like the feel of the way we lived from a young age, something felt off, not right and I felt caged from the aged of 10, I was constantly exhausted, wanting to be alone as I was forced to have my spirit fit into a one way system of living that was forced upon me.

As a child I was a natural creative, highly sensitive to energy and intuitive, I always painting, playing priestesses and dragons, making potions, reading, writing and drawing happy in my own room, with my own soul and energy, yet as children we are put in boxes and made to fit into a one way system where we are taught to live from our mind, to learn what is told of us and to work hard, while some may thrive in that setting- for the free spirits we feel trapped, misunderstood and often feel alone and some can suffer from physical and emotional health issues as I know first hand suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ M.E. since a teenager as well as suffering from anxiety and panic attacks throughout my life.

I am a free spirit. I wasn't born to fit in with the masses and to dim my light in life because my soul was made to guide others. My whole life purpose (life path 33 in Numerology -no pressure!) is to help others with my creativity and words and over the last 5 years I have written and helped souls by sharing my health and healing journey (with M.E/CFS - and wrote Yoga, My Bed & M.E.) which I have lived with since the age of 12, part of my healing process was to dive deep and find out who I really was at my soul level and to start to live accordingly to my soul truths and values instead of pushing and forcing my spirit into what is deemed normal and healthy living. When I live by my own energy, my soul values and my own flow my health improves and I love my life, when I have tried and pushed my body and spirit to live "like healthy normal people" in a fast-paced modern world (that really isn't healthy or normal) my body and spirit crashes with exhaustion every time, a sign from my spirit that I am meant to live a different way, a more simpler, peaceful way of living life and trust me I have been pulled back many times over my life to fit and be like others because of the demands of other people and society which is one of the reasons it has taken me so long to speak and share my truth and my life with the world.

I, like you am on a spiritual healing journey, we are always learning, growing and ascending with change as we discover missing aspects of our soul or healing broken pieces of it, even though I knew I was a free spirit for a long time, it was something that took me a long time to honour that aspect of myself, to be ok being different and to live my life according to my spirit's needs and not of society's demands and it has taken more time to be able share this personal side of my life with the world because of the fear of judgement from others but I'm passionate about living a more peaceful life for wellbeing and happiness, while it won't be for everyone, I know I'm not the only free spirit who has felt caged by life's demands, I know I'm not the only one who felt she didn't fit in with the way of living and with others and as a light worker I have had these experiences in life so that I can share and guide others and now it is time to share with the world my words and life to inspire and guide others to free their spirit for peace, joy and wellness.

I call my way of life the Divine Feminine Living because many free spirits have natural feminine values and aspects within their personality which have sadly been suppressed by growing up in a heavily masculine way of living. Divine Feminine living means calling home these feminine aspects into your daily life and embracing, honouring and living by these important natural feminine aspects which are part of who you are for peace, joy and wellness.

I know first hand how you feel right now because I have felt it too and still do- I'm human and can often feel caged if I don't honour my spirit and it can be hard when we feel we are fighting against the the world who is telling us how to live. Part of my soul contract is to experience and navigate life so that I can guide others through my own experiences and my words, by holding space know that I am here to guide you to free your spirit so that you can fly high and shine in your life. I am passionate about Divine Feminine Living and I truly believe we are in the beginning stages of seeing the masculine ways of living falling, this will create new space where the lost feminine aspects of living can come into balance so that everyone not just the free spirits can live more free and in harmony.

I am so excited that I am currently writing my book Divine Feminine Living, full of guidance and love on how you can free your spirit by embracing, honouring and nurturing your feminine aspects for a life of peace, passion and freedom.

If you wish to learn more about Divine Feminine Living then I have a Masterclass available Introduction to Divine Feminine Living which is a 6 week programme introducing you to 6 Feminine aspects and helping you to incorporate them into your days for wellness. CLICK HERE for more information

It is time to free your spirit and soar, you were made to fly, to be free, to make magic and bring your light into this world.

Love Donna

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