Choose Yourself Always

Goddess, when was the last time you chose yourself?

Has all the hurt and pain which has settled on your heart made you forget your worth ?

It is time to dust of the past, let go of the old and remember who you are.

It's ok, you lost yourself for a while, trying to find all that you need in the external world,

people and places you wanted to be home

you wanted love,

you wanted security

you wanted happiness

you wanted others to offer these to you,

and there you stood, left homeless and hurt

Goddess it is time to choose yourself first.

Expectations are the hardest pain,

We expect others to treat us how we would treat them, with all the love and care in the world, you give your all to others and receive nothing in return..

Goddess it is time to choose yourself first.

but please don't close your heart or let it grow cold.

It's not about shutting love out.

It's about boundaries, strength and self worth.

It's standing in your Goddess power,

Goddess it's about loving yourself first.

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