Cleanse and Comfort your Heart with the Divine Feminine of Mother of Love.

"Dear one, You don't have to sit in the darkness alone, connect to the light within your heart and you will find me, you will feel my peace, my support and my unconditional love for you as you begin your healing journey, I too know of human pain and suffering, I offer you my compassion as you sit, feel and move through your pain and emotions, don't suppress or close your heart because of your pain, for your wellbeing it is important for your to move through the darkness to your light. I am here always to sit with you as you do so, I love you."

Mother Mary

In troubled times in our life we often as adults can feel lost, lonely and feel like we want to hide from the world and our challenges, adulating is hard, we wish we had a someone to hide behind, we feel like a helpless child or we crave love, comfort and support as we go through painful times.

We often look for external quick distractions in the form of toxic relationships, food, drink, shopping to soothe us and give us a quick fix of happy but then reality hits and we are back to feeling alone, lost and emotional. We all crave and need a motherly figure and love in our life, and Mother Mary offers us just that as we go about our spiritual journey on Earth, she is an ascended master, a divine feminine energy that is independent of religion and she helps you connect back to the light of your heart, to heal, find peace and joy.

Who Mother Mary is to me.

It took me a very long time to come out of the Mother Mary closet in sharing my connection with Her with the world because I was scared of judgement from people about Religion. I have never been religious but I know Mother Mary is associated with lots of Religions so I was worried about sharing what she is to me and also worried about "jokes" from those closest to me thinking I've gone mad and going to join a nunnery. Throughout my childhood Mary was part of the religious story told every Christmas in school plays (I played Her in my last year at primary school) and I'm sure many of you also have these memories from school and had Mary only connected to Religion but to me she the energy of the Divine Feminine of Unconditional Love and light, a Motherly love and she has been with me as my guide to help heal me, comfort me and to also share her messages with the world.

Mother Mary or Lady Mary is the energy we all need in the times we need soothing, comforting and to be held. Her calming, loving presence is nothing like I have ever felt, it always brings me to tears of peace and love, she has held me through grief, heartbreak, she has comforted me when my inner child needed protection, healing and safety, she has guided me to clean up my diet, to live from my heart and shine my divine true light into the world. When I'm connected to her motherly energy I feel secure, protected and calm, I feel her energy in white clouds and blue skies, I often see two white birds and number sequences all over the place her gentle reminder that she is with me and I'm on the right track, when I'm disconnected I feel lost, overwhelmed, emotional and anxious. Each time life disconnects me from Mary/Universe/God/Source/Spirit the more being connected feels like Home and the stronger the pull to stay connected becomes and my heart and light explodes from my soul.

Mother Mary was a human woman, a mum, a mum who lost her child, she knows the pain of being human, Her energy is so compassionate, she kept her heart open to love despite her heartbreak, She is the Female Archangel who is always there to be your Spiritual Mother if you call upon her Energy.

Mother Mary offers you a Sacred Space to heal and feel safe, she helps you with:

Inner Child issues







Heart Opening/Compassion

Self love

Clarity and Cleansing

Helps you to connect with your own inner love and light.

Just like you have spiritual guides and angels who are on hand to help you, mother Mary is one of those to call upon when you need her. She loves and watches over you like a protective mother to her child, she is always at the sidelines when you fall and are hurt to comfort and soothe you. I became a Channel for her messages and I feel so honoured I can share her words, love and compassion out to you. You are never alone along your journey. 

We all feel disconnected in life, sometimes we feel we can’t turn to others in our life for the support, love and comfort we crave and need, we are disconnected to ourselves and the divine/universe/spirit.

To connect back we need ignite the light within our hearts and mother Mary helps us do that. She is the link to connect you back to you, your true being, your light, love and power.

We are all children of the universe, Mary is our spiritual mother, who we can connect with to help us feel safe, supported and loved.

Stay tuned for my Mother Mary Online Workshop coming soon!

Light and Blessings

Donna xx

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