Divine Feminine Aspect Nurture- why it's important to nurture your soul.

How often do you take time for you?

For self care?

For peace?

For joy?

Chances are not as much as your spirit and soul needs as most of us have learnt to put others and things in life before our own wellbeing, health and energy causing us to feel drained, exhausted and possibly ill.

I'm writing this as I have also been brought back to remember to nurture and nourish my own energy and spirit, I always get caught up in wanting to work and help others as much as I can and then my body crashes with exhaustion and lately aches and pains signs I need to look after myself and rest but my Ego mind creeps in and tells me I'm being lazy or not productive and even that I am being selfish if I make my wellbeing a priority but here's the thing.

You can't help anyone if you don't look after yourself first.

When my energy gets low, my body aches and I feel low then I don't feel motivated or joyful to show up or be my very best version to be able to help others and then I feel deflated because I'm not doing what I love to do.

This constantly doing, striving, pushing and achieving is the heavy Masculine aspects of living we have been told is good for us, that it shows we are strong, capable, productive and not lazy but who are we trying to prove this to and at what cost?

You have been told to always put others first, it's kindness, it's selfless, it's polite and when we do we feel exhausted, deflated and maybe even taken granted, I can't stress enough how putting your wellbeing top of your priority list is so important.

It has taken me a while to not feel bad nurturing my spirit and wellbeing before anything else but when I nurture and look after me first, I can then look after and have more energy to show up and help others with love.

How you do nurture your spirit? or is it a Feminine aspect you need to begin to incorporate into your life more? Do you feel guilty for taking time to nurture your needs and spirit?

Nurturing can be anything from taking a social media break, not replying to messages straight away, avoiding phone calls, saying no to something or someone who drains your energy, stepping away from your to-do list, from working to go for a walk, having a rest day, a nap, a bath, eating well, meditation, breath work, a work out.

Take a moment to check in with your inner self, how can you nurture your spirit this week, what do you need to replenish your energy.

Then take time to give you what your soul needs, remember you can't look after others if you don't look after yourself .


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