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Divine Feminine aspects to reconnect to your heart.

Reconnection holds the feminine aspects of BEING, STILLNESS and INTUITION - Lets look at each of them:

BEING: I know it may seem like you don’t have time to slow down and just be, there’s always things to do, people to sort out, no peace in a family home, chores to do and things to worry about. As a woman you have been taught to put things and others before yourself, before your wellbeing and you may have the mindset of, 'If I get everything done first, I can then rest and have me time….' But by then, you are too exhausted. Being is the basis where nurturing your heart with self-care and self discovery arises. When you learn to take time to just be you can reconnect - reconnect to your heart, your breath, the present moment and your intuition.

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