Divine Feminine Living, What is it?

Imagine a life with a sense of peace, days filled with joy and faith, less rushing and more living in the present moment, that Light Sister is a touch of Divine Feminine Living.

Look at the world around you, broken souls trying to keep up with the wounded ways of living, working too hard, long to-do lists, always having to be doing something, feeling they have no time, that life is all work and no play, slaves to the grind of the Masculine ways and beliefs of living. Just notice how over the last few years mental, emotional and psychical health issues have sky rocketed, our souls weren't designed to fit into a one square box of being told how we should live our life.

Divine Feminine Living is all about bringing aspects of the Divine Feminine into your daily life for your wellbeing, peace and happiness. You may know of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies in other aspects such as within each of us and in the twin flame journey but there isn't a lot of mention to the balance of these energies in how we live and spend our days.

The Divine Feminine aspects have been suppressed within our beings and our lives for too many years, too many souls are now suffering (this includes both men and women) trying to keep up with the impossible way of living. We are forced to work longer, sleep less, be "available" 24/7 with technology, get to places in a blink of an eye, tick everything off a long to do list, afford to live, bring up a family while working full-time and balance all of that with looking after our homes, ourselves and having a social life. We live in the midst of chaos and our soul is feeling the turmoil and pain of the lost way of living. The lost ways of peace, balance, slowed down pace, switching off, resting, having fun, feeling free.

Does your soul miss these ways? A world where you don't feel chained?

All your life you have been brought up believing this stressed out life is normal and have been living in a heavily Masculine way, a way which has become so unbalanced that our world and our health is suffering as a result.

How often do you yearn for peace? A holiday? A stress free day? A day to yourself? A lie in? To do something you want to do rather than have to? How often have you felt lost, deflated, too exhausted to cry? that is your Divine Feminine heart whispering to you that your life is unbalanced and it's time to call back the light of your heart to live the Divine Feminine way.

It is time for each of us to live the way we were supposed to, a healthy balance of Feminine and Masculine ways. The Divine Feminine traits have been seen as weak, pathetic and unimportant for too long, where as the Masculine traits of action, strength and logic have become toxic with power, greed and competition, anyone who shows emotion, compassion and mindful are seen as weak and lazy.

Divine Feminine Living begins with you choosing to step out of the unbalanced Masculine ways of living and your ego mind thoughts which you have been brought up to live by and instead reconnect to the lost Divine Feminine aspects of your heart, to begin to connect, cleanse, listen and follow your souls guidance for peace and joy.

Divine Feminine Living is bringing balance back to the way you live your life, to live the life that makes you happy and gives you a sense of safety and peace.

Divine Feminine Living is what the world is crying out for, for our mental and emotional health, for the future of our children's health and mental health. Light sister the time is now, to choose to step out of the wounded ways of living and step into the new Earth way of being. This means learning to reconnect to the light within your heart to bring back your Divine Feminine aspects to your daily life.

Will you answer the call of the Feminine?

Light & Blessings

Donna x

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