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Do you fight the nudges of your soul?

Updated: Oct 26

Do you often fight the nudge of your soul

with your over thinking, ego mind?

Where you feel the peaceful calling of knowing is guiding you one way

but your mind is telling you all the reasons you can’t follow it.


Your soul speaks through your gut feelings

and your heart.

A deep inner knowing that you can’t explain

except it just feels right.


And then steps in your thoughts

I can’t do that

I shouldn’t do that

it’s reckless

I don’t know how to do that

What will people think

I’m scared

I should ignore the feeling

And stick to logic and be safe and practical.


Ego thoughts aren’t bad,

they are there to keep you safe.

It stores every memory, feeling and belief of times where things didn’t go to plan and so it tells you it’s not safe this time.


But take its hand and soothe your mind

Gently reassure it

That you’re grateful for its protection

and that you will take care

That whatever happens will be

But that you will never know if you

Don’t take the chance and see

And while it’s never easy following

the whispers of your soul

They will just keep calling you

Again and again

Life will slowly change, things will fall away

Opening the space to show you

It’s safe, you’re free

Come follow me.

Donna xx

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