Goddess, You Have The power

Goddess don't you know you have the power?

All the strength and courage you need?

You just need someone to remind you,

to believe in you that you can.

Don't listen to the voices that are telling you no.

They are the voices that only echo their own lack of self belief.

You just need someone to motivate you, to cheer you on. Don’t look over to the faces who aren't supporting you.

They are the faces which are lost in the crowd.

You just need someone to spark the fire,

which burns within your blood.

Don't let others water you down.

They are the others who are scared of your flame.

Your power is the fire in your soul

The passion in your heart.

Your power is YOU!

Fuel your fire Goddess and begin to burn bright.

Connect to your strength,

Connect to your voice,

Don't give up on your fight.

Show the voices you have,

Show the faces your light,

Show the others your flame,

Show the world your power,

and show them they too have the power.

Begin to Awaken your Divine Goddess by joining us below.

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