How Mother Mary Can Help Heal Your Feminine Pain.

"My love, you have been so disconnected from the love within your heart, that you feel alone, you feel exhausted, you feel unsupported as you have gone about your life. You have been carrying years of sadness, grief and hurt in your heart thinking there is no where to free them, that there is no one to hear your inner cries and to hold you as you weep. I am here to invite you to come into my energy and give me all of your sadness and loneliness that have been weighing you down so for long, I am forever here as your spiritual Mother to love you, comfort you and guide you always, you are so Loved"

- Mother Mary.

Mother Mary can help you connect, heal and balance your Feminine pain within your soul, just as a child will run to their mother for comfort, guidance and love, you too can call upon Mother Mary whenever you feel you need a Mothers' Love.

I have a strong connection with Mother Mary, as I am a Blue Ray Light worker here on Earth to help awaken the balancing of the Masculine and Feminine Energies Mother Mary is one of my guides, she to me is my spiritual Mother, the Divine Feminine of unconditional love and has over the years always been there while I healed a lot of Feminine pain within myself. My middle name is Mary and Donna means Lady, so I have "Lady Mary" woven into my name as a reminder that she lives within me and of my important life work. I connect to Mother Mary daily on my spiritual journey, she is my connection to the universe, to light, to source and to love. She reminds me I am never alone, that I am always safe and always always loved and she wants to tell that to you also.

As you go through life, your Feminine traits are suppressed and lost through your life experiences, you experience heartbreak, loneliness, you begin forget to nurture yourself, you hold back tears and emotions and you can feel unsupported and unloved all of which disconnects you to others, to your soul and to the Universe/Spirit/light. Mother Mary offers you a safe space to be heard, to be seen, to be held, to be soothed and to be loved. Here in her unconditional loving energy you can cry, release, speak of your worries or just sit to feel connected to love when you feel you can't love yourself or when you feel lonely. You are never alone and never unloved,

Mother Mary can help hold you as you grieve, being the Mother of Jesus, she has deep sympathy and love for you as she too knows the pain of losing loved ones and heart break.

She can help guide you with Motherly Loving guidance when you feel lost in your life.

She can help heal and nurture your Inner Child when you feel scared or are healing trauma.

She can give you the Motherly love that maybe you didn't receive as a child from your own mother, she can embrace you in her love and light and be the Mother you needed for so long.

To connect to Her all you have to do is surrender and invite her to be with you. You can use prayer, meditation or ask before you go to sleep. She hears all your prayers and often her energy is felt almost instantly as you call upon her, just trust and surrender to her love flowing to you.

Mother Mary's energy is a wash of calming, protective love that wraps around you when you call on her, you feel held and open to finally let everything be released from you being, suddenly you find yourself sobbing, years of swallowed tears, emotions and feelings come through you like a tidal wave to be released, yet you feel safe, you feel wrapped around Her loving embrace, you feel like the tears will never stop but they will, after a while you suddenly will feel a shift in your body, you feel a lift of lightness and peace, you know you have released it all, you feel lighter, the tears slowly stop, your heart is open and you feel free.

"It's ok my Child, cry, let the hurt and pain wash away, It's ok, I am here, holding you, comforting you, take as long as you need dear one, it's ok." - Mother Mary

Mother Mary has held me on many occasions as I grieved the loss of my dad, my Kitten and relationships, she has held my inner child, the child who needed comfort and praise, I have sat in her lap and felt her pure heart of light and love wash over and fill my inner child with strength that I felt I could take on the world as she proudly looks on.She guides me on my spiritual path, my life purpose and what I create and write. I can feel her nurturing loving energy as I connect to clear blue calm skies and gentle white clouds floating by as she is also nurturing all of us and our Earth at this time.

Mother Mary, like all mothers' is here to care for you too, she is always available to tap into her energy anytime you need her, all you have to do is ask, you can also carry and/or meditate with crystal Rose Quartz to keep her energy close to you as you go about your day.

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