How the Masculine Energies Dominated my Working Life.

Even though I’m a spiritual being and have many aspects of the feminine energy which is in harmony in my life, there has always been one masculine aspect which dominated my working life- doing.

We all have both feminine and masculine energies/ traits within us no matter of our sex, yet these energies are rarely in balance. One usually can dominate in many areas of our life and in our modern world it is usually our masculine that dominates our working life. This is the energy of striving, constant action, achievements, pushing, over thinking and hard work.

As a virgo, my masculine energy loves the thought of order, plans, goals, to do lists, over thinking, over prepping, over planning, perfectionism and over doing. In my working life, I spent most of the time in my head instead of my heart (my feminine energy) the energy of intuition, trust, flow, love and being. The energy my soul was yearning for, the energy which matched my free spirit being.

Like most people, I wanted security in my life being a single mum, I needed security and to also show my daughter that whatever she put her mind to she could achieve, even that was masculine based advice! Rather than the advice to follow your soul, tune inwards and if it feels right then it’s right for you.

My masculine would rule the show thinking the only way to get that security was by working harder, doing everything 24/7 and pushing for the title, as I also worked from home, my ego always felt judged, that people would think I never worked, that I was lazy, unemployed and doing nothing with my life so I had to keep proving to others that I was working all the time, earning and always sharing how stressed I was with “work” because if you’re not stressed about work, it meant you weren’t working hard enough and not successful, right?

I was forever doing, doing, done, planning, doing, doing, done on repeat day after day, month after month and each time I let my masculine be boss, I would constantly feel drained, overwhelmed, stuck, ill health and upset in my working life. I felt as though I was hitting roadblocks time after time even after stepping back and getting clear with what I wanted and how to go about it, it was still my masculine of doing running the show, then it would be the same cycle, make notes, plan, prep, do the work, push, get overwhelmed, get frustrated, get exhausted- break. What I didn’t realise was this break was always the nudge of my divine feminine (being) to take the lead.

Are you balanced in your feminine (being) and masculine (doing)?

Which one is dominating your working life?

It took another overwhelmed feeling stuck time of my life to surrender my masculine ego of doing, this time my whole right side of body was having issues, hip pain, shoulder pain, inflammation of liver, I knew the right side of our body was our masculine side, so one night after having enough I surrendered my wounded masculine and asked my soul to take over and guide me back to balance, that night I listened to a YouTube healing goddess frequency music as I drifted off to sleep, I could instantly feel the feminine energy surround my body, in a loving healing embrace, it felt as though I had 5 motherly nun type figures humming me to relax and to heal. I felted loved, supported and nurtured like a child held and supported by her mother after a nightmare, I let the healing humming and gentle blue light energy cover me and I slept soundly for the first time in forever.

Our divine feminine of being is our soul, our inner wisdom, our gentleness, while our masculine is our mind, our doing, in order to bring about harmonious balance within our life we need to listen to our soul, be guided by our feminine energy of intuition, feeling, being, and then use our masculine energy of doing by working for the soul, giving it doing jobs which are aligned by the souls whispers not our ego mind. The masculine works along side the feminines wisdom.

It takes consistent work to keep my masculine and ego from taking over, it will try constantly to worry me that I'm being careless, that I don’t know what i'm doing without over thinking and over planning it all. It begs me to let it be boss, that I really do need the business plan, the strategy all laid out for the year ahead and to be constantly doing, doing doing and while it’s wise to have some idea, are those ideas from my soul? Or from my ego fearful mind of what should be?

I create from the heart but then my ego goes into overdrive of masculine doing energy of writing up the plans, the lists, the goals, the deadlines and makes it a business. My soul doesn’t like the business side, as a free spirit creative, my soul wants to create and write and do what it's inspired to create with love and when it's ready to be created, It doesn't like set work hours, set work days, I can't even say "Work" as it I don't align to that word, I'm a messenger of light and balance, what I do is my soul mission for the world.

Today, I invite you to reflect on your own working life and take time to connect and listen to your Feminine Soul on how to bring your working life back into balance with your Masculine energy for wellbeing.

Donna x

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