How to call upon Archangel Michael's energy of protection

Archangel Michael is your protector, your bodyguard, helping your energy field to be protected from lower energies as you go about your day perfect for Empaths!

When called he can instantly be with you to shield you from energy vampires in any situation.

The colour of Archangel Michael energy is a beautiful royal blue shade, you can call upon Archangel Michael and visualise a dark blue protective bubble shield around your body and your energy field before you travel or go out, you can ask him to protect your home in a protective blue dome while you are away and you can ask him to be with and protect your loved ones when they travel or go away.

Archangel Michael is ready to help protect you and your loved ones anytime you ask him, take a moment to centre yourself, take a few deep breaths and affirm

"Please Archangel Michael I call upon you to place a protective shield around me/my home/my loved ones and prevent any lower and negative energy to enter our energy field, thank you for always protecting us, and so it is". You may feel a rush of calm and peace flow through you as he works at protecting your space and energy field.

It is important to call him to protect your energy field before you leave the house and before your energy is subjected to any other energies, this is because if you call upon him to protect you while you are out or half way meeting a draining friend, you have already absorbed lower draining and negative energy which you need to cleanse from your energy field, so a protection bubble although will help at protecting more attacks coming your way, it will also trap the lower energies you have already absorbed in the bubble.

The protection bubble is great for energy boundaries, when you know you are meeting someone who can drain your energy or someone who gossips and shares their drama the bubble can act as energy defence and I have found in the past that when I have my protection bubble around me the draining people aren't as gossipy or talkative and the meeting goes with calmness.

I always call upon Archangel Michael every night before I go to bed to place a dome of blue protection over my bed and my energy field as I sleep, as we sleep we are open to lower energies attaching to our light and as I am a Blue Ray Starseed, who can transmute lost energies into the light, even without knowing it! I need the protection so I don't wake up exhausted for no reaso

Have you ever woke up exhausted even after a good 10 hours sleep and didn't know why? It could be because your soul and light was busy working at transmuting lower energies all night!

Archangel Michael is so important for empaths, light-workers and star seeds and those igniting their light, the brighter you shine, the bigger the moths you can attract so energy protection is so important to do daily like brushing your teeth.

Love and Blessings


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