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How to Live a Life of Peace & Joy.

You feel stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted and deflated in your daily life, something feels missing, you yearn for stillness and feel a nudge that there's got be something more, so you think and think and think. You ask the people around you, you ask the oracle cards, you ask the universe for a sign and you receive nothing which leaves you feeling even more deflated and exhausted.

You see, all the answers are within you and not found in the external world, sure there will be signs and guidance but the knowing only comes from your soul.

All the stress, overwhelm and exhaustion you're feeling are symptoms from your soul, nudging you loudly to listen to what she has to say.

Your energy in the way you feel is the way your soul speaks to you.

What drains your energy isn't a match for your soul and what gives you energy is a match.

Are you following the guidance of your own body and feelings or are you pushing yourself through the frustration and draining days because that's what life is and you can't do anything about it?

You can always do something if you choose to and want to, there is always a new way, new choices and opportunities if you're able to regain your power and confidence to listen, nurture and follow your soul.

I have lived a soul led life for most of my adult life, I am aware that my soul knows my path and I allow her to guide me from careers, relationships and hobbies. I know what drains me and what exhausts me isn't for me so I avoid or limit those and instead focus on what makes my soul sing, doing what I love and being with people who uplift me.

To live a soul led life means to connect, listen, nurture and take action on the whispers of your soul.

To connect means to drop from your over worrying, practical mind and into the stillness of your heart/soul. To journal and ask her questions. Her answers come in the forms of feelings of how your energy reacts.. ask: Does this answer give me a sense of deep peace and a deep breath of relief or does it tighten my jaw and stress me?

I know life is a flow of emotions, highs and lows, good and bad and in these times it's important to honour and nurture your soul. When connected to your soul, you can also discover what your soul and body needs. A rest, time away, better diet, connection to a loved one, to move on, a long bath, a day off, and then you can honour those needs with loving inspired action.

Following your soul means to take action on what you deeply feel is right, what lights your heart up and what makes you happy in that moment.

This can also be painful as it may require you to leave some things/people behind, but for the long term growth and peace of your soul you know it's what you need to do.

Following your soul means to add more joy and fun into your days, to create time to play and laugh.

To live a life of peace and joy means to live in a moment by moment mindful practice of being connected to your energy, your feelings and what gives you energy aka. Listening to your soul to show you the way.

Your soul is calling....

Donna x


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