How to live the Divine Feminine way

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Divine Feminine Living means to live from the light of your heart for peace and joy in your life. A place which we have forgotten to connect to, trust and follow.

For centuries we have been born to live from our logical/Ego/Masculine mind and through painful life lessons and experiences we have subconsciously caged and closed the light of our hearts to protect ourselves from the pain of the external world.

As the world becomes even more unbalanced in the way that we feel we are told how to live our lives, more and more hearts are yearning for peace, a softer pace, more joy in living, we can see the hearts crying out with the raise of mental health, ill-health and even anger in the world.

Divine Feminine Living is bringing balance back to our everyday living, from over doing- to more being, from stress to more faith, from over worked to more joy, which all sounds so wonderful that our hearts are saying yes! but our ego mind tells us it's impossible, so to live the Divine Feminine way you have to consistently drop from your Ego mind into your heart space until your Ego mind surrenders control and learns to work alongside the wisdom of your heart.

Divine Feminine Living is all about living according to your true soul values, consciously choosing actions which give you peace and joy, it is about honouring the empath and the divine being that you are, protecting your light, energy and being from what drains your soul and being able to be your true self in a world where you are forced to fit into something and someone you're not.

There are 3 steps to help you to live the Divine Feminine way; Connect, Cleanse and Activate your Heart because Divine Feminine Living is all about living from the light of your heart and embracing your lost Feminine aspects on living such as being, listening to your intuition, self care and doing more of what you enjoy.


We have lost our connection to the magic, wisdom and light of our heart, the noisy external world means it is hard to quiet the Ego mind and thoughts so we can hear our intuition, we have to learn to be more still and listen, this is achieved by meditation and breathing practices or any practice in which you can focus on your heart space without your Ego thoughts taking over.

Connection means not only learning to feel, listen and hear the whispers of our heart but to also to learn to trust it and then follow the guidance with faith.


A lot has been said about shadow work and healing lately, possibly because the world is wide open thanks to social media to seeing how badly unbalanced, hurt and lost we all are. We are all on a healing or cleansing journey and to move forward to live in peace and joy the only way is through a deep cleanse of all the past hurt and trauma that is weighing your heart down, it's a journey only you alone can do but within the space of support from others when you are ready. Cleansing means facing your Ego, facing your fears and false beliefs and transmuting them to light through forgiveness, gratitude, patience and compassion. Cleansing our heart helps us to grow and glow, we free ourselves from the burdens of the past, our mind and the world, we can't bypass this stage if we want peace, light and joy to fill our hearts and our daily life, yet is the hardest thing to do ,so much so that we avoid the facing, the cleansing and either sugarcoat our shadows or completely avoid them with distractions. Cleansing is a life time practice which does get easier as you grow as you will be able to see things for what they are and will be able to transmute them quickly and with more ease. Just like cleansing our hair and our homes, our hearts will always build up grime and dust over time which needs regular care and attention.


Once you have connected and regularly cleanse your heart you can begin to open and activate it to giving and receiving more joy and passion into your life.

Opening your heart means saying yes! to more things which make you happy and setting bourderies to things which drain your energy.

It means unlocking your subconscious cages which have protected your heart from pain and hurt to be free to love fully once again, to know who you truly are and your soul values so you can live according to them, stepping out of the wounded ways of living and saying yes to you, your wellbeing, self-care and passions in life. To activate your heart you need to take time to do more of what you love, do more of what makes you happy and do them as a priority in your daily life not as a treat or something you try to fit in. What makes your heart sing?

It's not easy at first to live this way, your ego mind will constantly try to pull you back to the wounded ways with fear but the wounded Masculine ways of living isn't healthy, we are all exhausted, lost and struggling trying to keep up the fast pace, it's time to now step away and listen to the compass of your heart which will guide you to your own peace and joy filled Divine Feminine way of Living.

Light & Blessings

Donna xx

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