How to surrender into the unknown.

When things are falling apart around you, when you feel like the Universe is pulling the rug from under your feet, when you feel like the light leading you along your life has do you surrender into the darkness?

Do you struggle?

Do you try to cling onto the broken pieces?

Do you play the victim?

It will seem in these times that life is unfair, cruel and out to get you, you may find you are angry, anxious and fearful and rightly so, as humans we want control of life and have the need to want to see the unseen, but to grow is to be planted and this means being buried into the darkness.

When you are levelling up, shifting, growing, releasing the old there is death: of your Ego, of the familiarity, of comfort, of what you knew and who you were. It is here we struggle and suffer because we don't want to surrender, we don't trust ourselves, we are scared and we try to hold on to all the shattered pieces of the old because that's where we feel safe and what we know.

I'm in the midst of being planted, big shifts are happening, it's scary and it is taking me out of my comfort zone. I have sulked as the universe is taking off my stabiliser wheels and making me go it alone, to stand on my own two feet- to bloom and shine and know that I have the power to be ok, to be better than ok....but I can't see it.

I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. I forget there isn't one for I AM the light.

I want life to get better without me doing anything but it won't, for I AM the change I need to be.

I don't want life to change, but I know it must and will.

"And here I am feeling like I'm being buried alive as the universe slowly pours the Earth over my spirit to be buried into darkness."

And I'm learning to surrender to faith, to find my own power and strength within, day by day, hour by hour.

It is here we can be aware that being planted is a sign of growth, that your life is shifting and aligning you to your next chapter. We have a choice to struggle, suffer and stay in the dark or to surrender and crack ourselves open so that we become the best and most beautiful flower to date.

Which will you choose?

Will you surrender into the darkness before the universe brings you to your knees and makes you surrender?

Are you willing to let go of the old and trust the unfolding of what is becoming?

Are you willing to go within and crack open your heart to be the light that you need to shine once again?

To surrender is to reconnect to your Feminine Heart, to drop from your Ego mind of over thinking and worrying and into the space of trust.

We have all been brought up to live from survival mode, our Masculine mind of logic.

We all have expectations and desires of what we want which we sometimes we have to let go off to let the flow of life flow and for what we need to come in.

We need to stop chasing, stop holding on and just breathe.

Place your hand on your heart and take a few deep breaths, come back to the here and now and centre yourself.

Affirm: I am safe in the here and now.

Remember in the darkness is where the most transformational shifts happen and shifts can happen more smoothly if you allow for space, nurturing and connecting to your heart.

Your heart is the light to guide you to break free and bloom in your life.

To turn the light on you must trust yourself, trust the unfolding and take action on the guidance of your heart.

It's all too easy to hide, cry, feel angry, lost. and anxious in these times of growth where you feel like a baby bird whose mother has pushed you out the nest to fly for yourself and you feel you're not going to make it, that you don't trust your wings, that you don't know how to fly...but somehow along the way you figure it out and you discover you have the freedom and the beauty of a whole new world.

Surrender, faith and trust are the Divine Feminine aspects found within your heart. They hold you and nurture you as learn to trust your self, your power and the universe.

These aspects were lost over lifetimes of Masculine ways of living...where control, survival and pushing are taught and listening to our intuition and living in the natural ebb and flow of life is pushed aside.

It is time to stop pushing.

Instead to hold faith and trust in the unfolding that is occurring in your life right now, this isn't a simple one step process but a constant reconnecting to anchor the faith deep within.

It is self care, space for self discovery, nurturing and honouring the process.

What are you trying to control in life right now that is causing you suffering ?

Why do fear letting go of control?

What is it you don't trust ??

While growth can be painful and seem lonely know that you are never alone in these times, while it seems the universe has left you, it is still taking care of you, nurturing you and watering you as you find your way home by reconnecting to your Feminine heart you can feel this, you can feel the guidance, the protection, the reasons and you can learn to be grounded in the chaos and allow the old to fall and the new to grow.



For audios, workshops and more on how to Reconnect be sure to join us in the Divine Feminine Circle and stay tuned for my Audio Workshop; Your 1st Step to awaken your Divine Goddess- coming Soon.

Join us below.

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