Is it Time to Love Yourself Goddess?

Self love is the Journey of peeling off all the layers of hurt, pain and disappointment that you have collected along your life,

You aren't taught self love in this life.

I wonder if it is a soul mission for all of us here on Earth?

To be planted in a cruel world to be the love where there seems not to be any?

We spend a lifetime searching for love in the external world, forgetting that we are love, love comes from within which then can be spread out to the world, maybe you and I are the love the world needs but first we have to learn to love ourselves.

Self love is loving yourself first, knowing your worth and standing strong in your own love, yet you are on your knees, searching for love in the wrong places with the wrong people, all those times you were hurt by others can you see they were only guiding you to your own heart?

I know you have been let down, hurt, broken by life and by people you loved, feeling alone, unloved, thinking there was something wrong with you.

Time and time again, love knocked you to your knees, kicked you down and walked all over you, leaving you bruised and broken. I know because I have also been there many times,

How many times are you going let borrowed love knock you down before you look for love within?

Painful love is cracking you open not beating you down, it's pushing you to find your own power, your own love and your own worth within the light of your own heart.

It's time to say goodbye and thank you for the lessons, the pain and the people - it's time to walk away, it's time to begin to love yourself first, you know you're worth more, you know you deserve better and now you know, it begins with learning to loving yourself first.

You don't find love, you BE love, you ARE love, everything that you have gone through is trying to remind you of this.

It's not easy self love, you have to find compassion, forgiveness, let go and even be thankful as you journey to your heart.

The pain was love in the hardest form.

Maybe those who hurt you the most, really did love you the most- with their painful love that you received from them , you can find your strength and self worth? The love you need within yourself?

Its all there - within you. All the love you need.

Don't let the hurt and pain close your heart, let it crack you open to the love that you ARE.

Your Heart Chakra I believe is the portal for many things, love, passion, light and knowing are just a few of the wonders that flow from your heart into your life and into the world but first you need to remember to reconnect to it, to not let hurt shut it down and dim your Goddess light but to go within and love it, nurture it, love yourself and to love life.

You can Begin to reconnect and nurture your Goddess heart to self love in my 3 steps to Awaken your Divine Goddess where you find inspirational audios, workbooks and sister support in this online space, if you feel guided to learn more click the link below to join us.

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