It's time to bring your Divine Goddess to Light.

As we move into the second half of the year how are you Goddess?

Have you moved forward in your life ?

Are you getting through your yearly plans that you set in January?


Are you still here?

In the space where you don't want to be?

Your plans left on the shelf and your heart deflated?

It is time to bring your Divine Goddess to light.

There is no waiting for new year, a new month or a new week, the time is now.

Look at how quickly time flies, it ticks on by whether you sit and wait or dance with it,

it's time to dance with it.

Did you have plans at the start of the year?

of what you wanted to do and who you were going to be?

You still can.

It's time to dust off your dreams,

Get up and make a plan

It's time to awaken your Divine Goddess.

There is no more waiting,

No more dreaming

The time is now

To be who you said you will be.

You're not alone

Goddesses everywhere are stirring in the shadows

Their fire of passion being ignited

Their hearts yearning for more

The chains that have kept them back for so long are breaking

The Goddesses are rising

Will you too?

Will you break the chains that are holding you down ?

Will you follow the fire of passion that burns from within?

Will you let the world be blinded by your light ?

If you are ready to awaken your Divine Goddess

then my 3 steps to Awaken your Divine Goddess is for you.

Click the Link to join us, Goddess.

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