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It's time to Reconnect to the Light of your Heart.

As a human, your heart is the portal for love, light and peace, you were born with a heart so wide open to the wonders of the world the magic and saw the love in smallest of things and as you grew up you learnt that life isn't easy, you were forced out of your child like wonder to "fit" into the acceptable society, you went through painful life experiences and over the years and pain you closed your heart to protect yourself, you built walls up so no one can hurt you anymore, you closed the portal of love.

There are many reasons why you have become disconnected to your heart space:

1) You have closed your heart to life, to others and more importantly to self love. You have spent most of your years with your heart guarded, wounded and in the dark, your soul has lost its spark for life due to painful life experiences. As you grew up you had to begin to dim the light of your heart to "fit" in with the way of the world, to "grow up", to be sensible, to "man up" the light of your heart slowly began to dim as well you encountered painful experiences, heart break and grief which broke you to your knees, you told yourself it was safer to lock your heart away to save you from any more pain.

2) Your soul wasn't designed to fit into the system of the Masculine ways, you have natural Feminine values and traits and you were born to be feel free, share love and experience life, the old ways of living drain your soul and energy and you felt you never fitted in with society, others and on Earth. Ways of greed, money and power, working long hours, trying to fit into a one system fits all type of box exhausts you, forcing your energy and soul into daily rituals that drain your energy, dims your light and makes you feel empty. Your soul yearns for a different way of living and being.

3) You're not following your souls values, truth and passions in life, you are existing in a world that doesn't excite your soul and doesn't light you up, you have put aside your hobbies, passions and excitement for surviving and living in what society and others expect of you which has drained your passion for living. Life has taught you to "grow up", to be sensible and put aside what lights you up in favour of "reality" which is work/survive mentality.

Which one speaks to your heart? Maybe it's a mix of all three? because they are ALL true. Many of us have been so hurt that we close our hearts, we are all light beings who weren't meant to fit into a one way living system and most of us because we are trying to fit into the one way system don't follow our soul values and passions in life.

While closing your heart because of the above can numb you from more pain it also stops you from giving and receiving love and living a love filled life.

When was the last time you really felt your heart expand and overfill with pure love?

As the world is changing, we are shifting into new ways of living, people are awakening up to a higher consciousness of remembrance as the light of their hearts whispers to reconnect to their divine love once more. This year it's time to reconnect, heal and activate the light portal of your heart once again to live with peace, joy and wellbeing but it isn't easy, you have spent most of your adult life living from the Masculine mind, you think, plan and live life according to what your mind tells you, you have lost the connection to listen and follow the wisdom of your heart, by calling home the Divine Feminine aspect of Being you can begin to reconnect and open your heart once more but it will take time and patience.

Being - This means being in the present moment, learning to be still and quiet, grounding yourself into your breath, you have been constantly made to be on the go, working, being online and wrapped around too many to-do lists that you have no time to be still, you may find meditation hard, you may not like stillness, you may fidget and give up after a few minutes because it's "too hard". What is happening is that you are still in your Masculine mind, even sitting still or trying meditation you are constantly thinking, planning, worrying and feel guilty you're not "doing anything productive". You can't connect, hear or follow your heart if you stay in the Masculine mind. Dropping from your Masculine mind to your Feminine heart takes practice, there are a few ways to help you be more Being, which in turn will help you reconnect, listen and follow your heart.

  1. Take five minutes during your day to sit and focus on your breathing,

  2. Take a walk and come back to your surroundings

  3. Take a coffee break in silence, no phones, no tv just spend the time really savouring the peace

  4. Stop during your day and notice your feelings, tension in your body and take action on your findings.

Once you have learnt to be comfortable with stillness and Being you can then learn to focus on your heart space, you can learn to keep dropping from your thoughts into your feelings, you can begin to hear the whispers, the wisdom and the guidance, you can begin to heal your heart pain and begin to take steps forward towards living from the light of your heart.

Just like the roots of a tree, Being is the strong foundation you need to reconnect, nurture and activate your heart. A strong rooted foundation will give you the base to come home time and time again to listen to your heart, it will give you the strength as you heal and nurture your heart and it will give you the confidence to activate the joy and passions of your heart to grow and bloom in your life.

Peace, Love & Light

Donna xx

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