Learning to Live in the Flow of Life

Flow and natural cycles are part of the universe and life and we can't control natural flows yet in the modern wounded Masculine way of living we are attached to trying to control change.

Flow and cycles are everywhere from our breathing, to the moon cycles, seasons throughout the year and day into night, our emotions and mood and even our relationships and jobs can have cycles- everything has flow and a cycle.

As we have lived in the Masculine ways of living for so long, power and greed has cast a shadow on trying to control our own natural cycles and flows in life, we are expected to work long hours and have very little rest and sleep, we take birth control to stop the natural flow of our cycles, we try to force control of situations and we get so stressed that we forget to breathe.

When chapters of our life are ending, we try to cling onto the ruins because we are scared of change and the unknown, life is a ebb and flow of constant energy, highs and lows, happy and sad, beginnings and endings, We often feel scared, stressed and anxious because we have forgotten to learn to live in the flow of life, we want to control life and we struggle with emotions and anxiety because we know we have to surrender our need to control the outcome, let go of the endings and trust the next chapter that is trying to unfold in front of us. Truth is we can't control life only our response to what is happening.

Divine Feminine Living is learning to surrender to the bigger picture, to trust the natural flow of life and cycles and to honour each cycle with compassion, we have been brought up to live from our head and our ego tries to create panic, wants answers, solutions and doesn't like not knowing and not being in control but our Feminine heart knows it is all part of life, in her stillness she looks within for guidance and support, she trusts the timing, the experiences and the universe that everything is part of the higher plan for her spiritual growth even in tough times.

It's not easy, we are human we are allowed to grieve the endings of chapters of our life as it shows how important they were and how we love in life, Divine Feminine Living is learning not to suppress these painful emotions such as grief and hurt but to honour them, feel them and then release them from your heart space before knowing that painful endings can mean beautiful new beginnings.

But how do you surrender to the changes that your ego wants to control? Changes you don't want to happen? Changes you were unprepared for? The key element lies in TRUST.

Do you TRUST the Divine? The Universe?

Do you TRUST it's all part of of your life plan?

Do you TRUST in yourself? In new beginnings?

Do you TRUST it's all for your highest good?

Trust is also a Divine Feminine Living aspect, an important one which we have forgotten in this world, we don't trust the world, other people or ourselves in life.

Is this due to the toxic ways of the world which we are constantly subjected to with bad news and social media? or is it due to our life experiences which dims our trust? Both play a part, each time we are subjected to media which constantly shares bad news we are programming our mind to believe it's a horrible world out there and our perception of life is also made up of our life experiences, no one can go throughout life without personal painful experiences but we can choose to either close our heart each time we experience pain and hurt which leads to losing trust in life or keeping our trust and heart open to love and to the wonders of the constant natural flow of life.

What we need to learn to do is drop from our ego panic mind and into our Feminine heart to heal TRUST issues and find the root cause of why we are struggling to surrender, in most cases it lies in FEAR. So take a few moments to meditate and ask yourself the following questions:

What are you really deep down afraid of?

(fear of failure, being along, death?)

Where has this FEAR come from? (childhood, trauma, media?)

What steps can you take to HEAL this fear? to release it and surrender to the flow?

When you begin to live in the flow of life, seasons and even the dance of your own life you are living in the moment with the flow of your breath and the beat of your own heart.

Light & Blessings


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