Let go of what is weighing your spirit down.

To free your spirit you have to be willing to let things go, which isn't easy as we try to hold onto what we know, what we hope and what is comfortable. You have to do some honest inner work to free your spirit otherwise you will always feel caged by your mind. Your mind can either be another padlock or your key to freedom, the choice is yours.

While writing this, I was also guided to let go of things which were weighing me down, things I knew that were keeping me caged and heavy because I was constantly thinking and worrying about them.

I was constantly in fight or flight mode; holding tension in my body, holding my breath and just waiting for something bad to happen, I was constantly worried about money, my health and losing loved ones, it got so bad that I was having anxiety attacks and my health was suffering. I knew it was time to do some inner work to release these heavy energies. I began to work with my Root chakra as that was where I was storing emotions and energy and I know it is the foundation of us feeling safe in the world, the root chakra governs our feelings of security and about money, everything I wasn't feeling- I didn't feel safe, I was in lack mentality over money, I didn't feel secure in my achy body and I was paranoid of losing loved ones suddenly and not able to cope (I've had my fair share of experiencing this and health issues that I really didn't want anymore, but it was why I was so tense- I was waiting-so if anything happened I would be prepared) while staying alert to danger is my mind and body working at trying to keep me safe, it was causing me to have bad anxiety, aches, not enjoy life in the moment and definitely not feeling like a happy free spirit!

I sat down and listed everything I was holding onto emotionally and mentally. I got through a couple pages of A4 paper! no wonder I felt so heavy, holding onto all that in my mind and body! I began to give it space to flow, by letting it all flow from my over thinking mind and onto paper helped calm my thoughts, then I looked at each one on my list and labelled them high, medium and low according to my anxiety about each one, grouping them let me see which ones were needing attention and some low ones I was able let go off just by writing because I saw how they really were nothing to worry and hold onto. I knew no one could release these for me, I had to save and free myself from the thoughts that were keeping me trapped, I could keep running away from them but they would keep pulling me back until I was forced to face them. When I feel stuck, trapped and struggling, that's where I know I am being shown strength to grow. The struggles are my teachers.

It's not easy to let go of what is weighing you down, you have years of thinking a certain way, painful life experiences to heal from and right now in your surroundings it may feel impossible to break free but all it takes is for you to be open to move forward, listen to your spirit, take small steps, rest when you need and know that every small step will take you nearer to freedom than not moving or trying at all.

So I invite you to stop and listen to where in your body are you holding tension, energy and emotions right now?
Which Chakra relates to those areas?
Can you find the root emotion to that area?

For example, lower back/legs relates to fear and linked to the Root Chakra and governs safety and security, Liver relates to anger and is linked to the Solar Plexus Chakra and Throat issues are linked to not speaking your truth and is linked to the Throat Chakra.

When you can find the emotional attachment you can begin to move and release the emotion through however means you find most helpful. whether thats dancing, crying it out, pillow punching, stamping, writing, screaming, don't suppress it, don't hold onto it anymore, let it go, and keep letting it go until you feel a shift of energy within.

All it takes is to make the choice to look within and do the inner work, no one can free you from your mind but you. I believe in you, I hold space for you, may you feel supported as you free your spirit to fly high.



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