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Love was always guiding her home

Updated: Feb 7

She was devoted to her heart

her inner temple of life

where a beautiful rose

was seeded there at birth

a rose which holds all her feminine power

of compassion, grace and love.

Her life was a brutal winter

where her rose was left to wilt

in the coldness of the world

yet she knew her heart was something more

and she took a journey of remembering

to tune into the portal of love

a devotion to herself

to allow her rose to come to light

even in the midst of darkness

to stand tall even in the downpour of rain


love was always guiding her home

to that rose within her heart

to nurture it

to allow the petals to open up

one by one

layer by layer

she grew and blossomed

and finally she found

in the centre of the rose

was her soul

a crystal of beautiful coloured light

she was ready to shine her light

to let the world see the beauty within her

to live from this space of love

to only allow the thorns to be boundaries

a gentle warning to those she lets into her garden of her heart.

Donna xx


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