My Journey to my Divine Feminine Light

" Most of my life I suppressed my Feminine gifts, spiritual beliefs and my personal values to fit into the Masculine Energy of the world- It made me ill. As a child I had always felt different and alone, I always had a longing to go back "home" but didn't know where "home" was, a natural empath I was sensitive to energy, noise and people since a young age. Looking at how adults around me lived their life (wake, work, sleep-repeat, marry, kids, retire) and them telling me that this was it, this is what life was, I didn't believe it, I had a deep inner knowing that life wasn't meant to be hard, or stressful or feel caged and instead it was meant to be something more, brighter, happier and more meaningful."

My soul yearns to be free, to be creative and expressive, to live according to my values and purpose. Ill-Health was my sign from my soul that I wasn't meant to fit in in the rest of the world but instead to honour my Feminine in all her beauty, find my true self in a deep spiritual journey and to help raise and restore the Divine Feminine Energy to others and the world."

As a child, I always used to role play maidens with powers who made potions from perfume and flowers, I played hidden worlds, I had psychic powers, I said spells in light language and created magic, I wore medieval dresses, sparkly jewels and had pet dragons. I was at my happiest in my garden as the big magical apple trees protected me, the steps by the trees which lead up to the canal behind my home were steps to a magical hidden kingdom, I danced with the butteries amongst the bluebells without a care in the world, my soul was free and happy and I could have spent all day every day there in my own little world but then “life” started to get in my way.

Even at the age of 5 I knew I was different and I wasn’t liking “life”, I have always had a leading Feminine energy, I have always wanted to be free, to be creative all the time, to paint, draw, read, dance, make and play, I was always drained by crowds and noise and was emotional by the media news. As the years went on of having to fit in I felt even more different and more alone, I felt my life force drain from me from both people and society around me and it was confirming my “this isn’t right" thoughts, I deeply knew that life wasn’t meant to feel like a chore or survival, for every soul to fit into the same box of being, doing and living and as I grew up I was becoming more aware of the effects of this “life” had on my family and friends, they were constantly stressed, tired, not happy..I was regularly told that this was what life was, to get used to it, to get a good education and that you live to work to pay bills and survive! I wasn’t wanting to live my life this way, it felt wrong, my free spirited nature hated routines and being forced to fit into the “life” box.

Over the years my Feminine ways naturally caused issues with loved ones, who tried to push me to be “normal”, “settle down”, “grow up”, “to get a real job”, I was called selfish, difficult and a snob as I have always tried to stick to my Feminine feelings throughout my life without really knowing about the Feminine/Masculine energies at the time, I never got a job just for the money, I did what I loved to do first and foremost (Makeup Artist, Yoga Therapist, Writer), I have always listened to my intuition and when things felt “off” or wrong I would act accordingly, I would fight for what my soul yearned for and was unapologetic for it.

It was along my spiritual journey in 2017 that I rediscovered the goddesses and how my love of everything I played as a child fitted in with it all (was it also clues to a past life? I like to think so) and as I learnt all about the Divine Feminine and Masculine energies I realised I naturally had very strong Divine Feminine energy, I would also like to take a moment to mention that because I had dominating Feminine traits, it also meant that I had weak suppressed Masculine energies and traits which over most of my spiritual journey I have had to face and heal to balance them so that they work alongside my Feminine traits and still had to face and heal weak Feminine issues such as self worth, self love and mother wounds but through it all I have I learnt to protect my energy, know who I truly am and honour my Goddess and set healthy boundaries.

I live my life according to my strong Divine Feminine values (Freedom, Spirituality, Passion, Simplicity) and don’t try to fit in anymore with others or the world, the Divine Feminine speaks to my soul, trying to fit my natural Feminine into a dominating Masculine energy way of living and world made me ill physically- I lived with M.E./CFS for nearly 30 years and when I’m in the flow of living according to my Feminine values and Feminine energy I thrive, when I feel pushed into the Masculine way of living I become drained and ill again quickly.

I don't "work" I create, I serve humanity, I take care of my body, mind and spirit each day and honour my light in each moment, I have (still learning) to not push myself and my energy, to rest more so that creativity, messages, guidance flow to me. I fill my own heart up with joy and love before anything else and I am grateful I can help others ignite their light also.

As a Priestess of the Temple of the Blue Rose; Donna mainly works with the Divine Feminine energies of Mother Mary and Shekinah and balances the Feminine with the Masculine energies of Archangel Michael, Archangel, Raphael and Gabriel (also sometimes female energy) and the violet Flame.

As a Blue Ray Being, a collective tribe of light workers who are on this Earth assisting the balance of the Masculine and Feminine energies of the world, Donna is called to spread love, light and wisdom to help awaken and balance your divine feminine power to bring love, light and harmony into your life and indeed the world. 

Love and Light 

Donna xx

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