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Pursuing Your Passion

Updated: Jun 1

Dear Soul,

We all feel we are in search of our purpose in life

and wonder how to find it

It really is simple,

Follow your passion. Your joy.

The things that lights you up, that gives you energy instead of draining it, things that can be attached to your childhood play, your soul truths and who you are all make up your purpose.

Maybe you can find pieces of your passion within the answers you have from your childhood?.

Your purpose may change along your life, what aligns now and lights you up may not light you up in a few years. I call these soul missions. Purposes we are meant to do and once we have fulfilled them, we move on to our next soul purpose mission.

As a teenager I was set on becoming a makeup artist, it was my passion. I spent all day every day, reading about it, practicing it, dreaming about it and I became a very successful makeup artist for over a decade. I thought it was going to be my life career, but in 2012 it started to not feel fun, the traveling was draining and I wasn't enjoying it, so I sat with my soul and questioned what now?

It shouted yoga! Something I had practiced since the late 90s and was always another passion of mine, so I quit being a makeup artist and followed my soul to train to be a yoga therapist.

Sometimes walking away can feel like you're a failure, or you're worried about money or not sure what the right thing to do is, but like life, we change, our work changes with our own growth, leaving is just a chapter, so a new one can begin.

I quit yoga therapy in 2019 and spent the next couple of years wondering what was next for me, I had already written and published a book but didn't think I could be a full time writer due to a lot of limiting beliefs, but I followed the yearns of my soul and here I am.

What are your your passions?

Can you follow the whispers?

What did you want to be when you were little?

What did you enjoy doing?

What are you good at naturally?

Can you google courses, people and steps that could start you along your journey of pursuing your passion?

I will say not all your passions are meant to be your work or purpose, some are simply meant to be for your hobbies and enjoyment, like yoga, I loved it but teaching it soon lead me to realise it was for my own wellbeing, my escape from life and to nurture my own soul.

Her purpose was solely to be herself

To follow her joy

And the love that flowed through her heart

Will always guide her the way.

Love, Donna


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