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Say yes! To your inner warrior

Updated: Feb 7

There is a Warrior spirit within you

and a warrior doesn't appear

until there is a battle to be won.

All the courage, strength and confidence

you desire can only be unlocked

in the midst of the chaos you face.

Say Yes! to that inner warrior spirit,

unlock her powerful force to fight with passion, compassion and love.

Rest when you must but then get back up and keep going.


Your soul is evolving

as it navigates the maze of life

and for soul growth it needs experiences (both good and bad)

the twists and dead-ends of the maze to expand,

it may be painful, long and exhausting

but it is all for your highest potential,

to be who you want to be,

to be who you came here to be,

to do what you are here to do

and learn along the way.

Your soul will keep all the qualities that you master in this life to evolve into your next life.


To navigate the maze

you have to lead with your heart

instead of your head,

to release and let go off what is weighing you down.

To know you have the power,

more courage and strength

than your mind makes you believe.

You don't need to go all in fighting and screaming but instead stand tall,

believe in yourself and walk bravely

with the knowledge you are protected

and on your way out of the maze you are currently facing into the peaceful waters of light.

Donna xx


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