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She has to answer the call

When she finally surrendered

all the old ways of being

all the old ways of doing

all the versions of who she should be

all the things she thought she should do

all the living from external expectations

When she finally laid her mind to rest

her soul cracked open

and whispered

"let me show you the way"


For she wasn't here to follow the crowd

her soul and light isn't to fit into a box

She isn't here to just exist

to do what others wish her to do

to be who the world told her she had to be

and she felt it

deep in her heart

a yearning to break free

to spread her wings

and to be who she's truly meant to be.


She has to answer the call

the call of her soul

to stop following the old programming

and toxic ways of the world

She has to let her soul lead

to guide her on her way

to uncover all the soul gifts she holds

the magic within her heart

and it won't be easy

she will lose a lot along the way

but the shredding of the old

makes way for new love to unfold.


She has to be brave

to learn to say no

to learn to trust

to follow what gives her soul peace

and to follow what makes her heart sing

to always be in tune with the song of her soul.


Her soul is her compass

her guiding light

all the wisdom of lifetimes are buried in her chest

all she ever needs

all of who she really is

is waiting for her to discover

she just has to answer the call

the call of her soul.


Heartfulness Journaling Practice:

Take some quiet time with a notebook and some relaxing music

and sit with your soul for a while.

Take some deep breaths and quiet your mind, focus on your heart space as you ponder and open to the following journal prompts:

Am I living to my soul truths?

Am I living/being/doing what others want from me?

What is it my soul yearns for?

what makes me happy?

What will give me peace?

What steps can I take to follow my soul?

For weekly poetic messages and journaling prompts like this be sure to subscribe to my weekly emails here.


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